Baby Mickey mouse activity toy : review

I dont think I have come across anyone that doesnt love Disney. Even from a young age children are drawn in by the magic of Disney. The amount of Disney films we have watched with Ava over the last 2 years is crazy. This love of Disney is already being passed on to Alby.He has to listen to our sing along to Disney songs most days in the car. To keep this love of Disney going in our .Alby has been treated recently by the lovely people over at Rainbow designs to a baby Mickey mouse activity toy.

baby Mickey Activity toy

The baby Mickey mouse is fantastic for babies inquisitive minds. It encourages baby’s early developmental skills and promotes sensory play.

There are multiple things attached to Mickey from a rattle to hoops with brightly coloured ribbon attached. The ears also have teething sections on it. Which is great for Alby at the moment as everything is in his mouth. The texture of the teething sections give great relief to his sore gums. The ears also have a crinkle to them which was a nice addition along with different textures over Mickeys body.

baby Mickey

On top of Mickeys head is a clip which can be used to attach Mickey to a wide variety of things from the pushchair to his to cot. You can if you want to take the plastic clip off the top. Which I have had to do when Alby is playing with it when its not attached to anything. As he kept knocking it off his face. Alby loved it the most though when I attached it to a loop on his play matt so it would dangle in front of him. This meant he was able to grasp at the different parts easily and when he batted it he could hear a chime inside. Which he found really funny.

Baby Mickey

I can tell already that this little Mickey is going to be a much loved toy. Even Ava has taken to playing with it when Alby isn’t. She too enjoys feeling all the different textures and making the chime inside make a noise. It’s very cute as she does shakes it in front of Alby so that he can hear and see what happening.


Everyone loves Diseny even babies. Well they will with this Disney baby Mickey mouse activity toy #review #disney #mickeymouse #babytoys #sensory

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132 Replies to “Baby Mickey mouse activity toy : review”

  1. john prendergast says: Reply

    My favourite disney character is Pluto

  2. Tanya Deliyska says: Reply

    Mine is Pete.

  3. My favourite Disney character is Goofy

  4. The little mermaid

  5. Minnie Mouse.

  6. laura stewart says: Reply

    mickey mouse!

  7. Amanda tanner says: Reply

    Beast from beauty and the beast

  8. Sue McCarthy says: Reply

    Donald Duck

  9. Angela Treadway says: Reply

    belle x

  10. Laura Pritchard says: Reply

    I love Moana

  11. Peter Pan

  12. My favourite was Snow White because people said I looked like her when I was younger

  13. Margaret Clarkson says: Reply

    Marie from “The Aristocats”

  14. I love Goofy

  15. mickey mouse

  16. Natalie Crossan says: Reply

    I love Cinderella x

  17. My favourite Disney character is Tigger x

  18. I loved Chip n Dale growing up, I even got their autograph when I was at Disney world! My claim to fame that is!

  19. Simone Griffin says: Reply

    Mickey Mouse is my favourite x

  20. Shrek!

  21. Sally Collingwood says: Reply

    Love Minnie

  22. My favourite is Mickey Mouse

  23. My daughter would love this

  24. Hayley Colburn says: Reply

    I love Baby Dory from Finding Dory

  25. Sheila Mckenna says: Reply

    Pluto is my favourite

  26. Clare Hubbard says: Reply

    We love Mickey Mouse

  27. Maria Blythin says: Reply

    mine is stitch x

  28. Carrie-Anne Brown says: Reply

    I love Robin Hood the most πŸ™‚

  29. We love Pocahontas, brilliant

  30. Mickey Mouse is my favourite

  31. Bambi!

  32. Karen Barrett says: Reply


  33. It has to be Mickey Mouse. His appeal is utterly timeless and I can’t imagine him ever not being loved by everyone.

  34. Angie McDonald says: Reply

    My favourite Disney character is Stitch from Lila & Stitch

  35. WE LOVE Donald Duck

  36. Maggie Coates says: Reply


  37. Danielle Spencer says: Reply


  38. I like Ursula the Sea Witch! – She’s a diva in a little black dress who won’t be body shamed!

  39. My favourite Disney character is Pluto

  40. mickey

  41. CLAIRE TAYLOR says: Reply

    Maleficent always fascinated me.

  42. Aladdin

  43. Cinderella…..

  44. Michelle Ferguson says: Reply

    I like dopey from Snow white

  45. My favourite Disney character is Piglet

  46. Elizabeth Smith says: Reply

    I like Bambi

  47. I adore Disney and all the characters and films but Boo from Monsters Inc. has got to be my favourite as she is a mini me! Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  48. Mickey mouse πŸ™‚

  49. holly harmsworth says: Reply

    tinkerbell is my favourite disney character

  50. Sadiyya Maryam says: Reply

    Has to be Goofy for me!

  51. Natalie Crossan says: Reply

    Cinderalla for us πŸ™‚

  52. Pluto

  53. My favourite character is Pluto as I had him on a wallet when I was young.

  54. Like I have said, I adore Disney and all characters especially Boo but I also love Snow White as she just reminds me of the Old Walt Disney and everything is just so nostalgic! Also, her movie and merchandise are just fab! Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  55. Baloo from The Jungle Book

  56. Great Mickey toy… would love one for our little boy!

  57. I like Goofy as he made me chuckle when I was younger!

  58. Tracey Belcher says: Reply

    Tinkerbell is my favourite

  59. Donald Duck!

  60. Tinkerbell.

  61. Tinkerbell. I think because I can recall being given a gift of a toy Tinkerbell as a child.

  62. I love the beast from beauty and the beast

  63. mickey mouse of course πŸ™‚

  64. Samantha Butler says: Reply

    My little girl adores Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse

  65. Minnie Mouse My daughters have soooo much Minnie Mouse stuff, this toy would be perfect for my newborn

  66. Sharon Lou Johnson says: Reply

    minnie mouse x

  67. We don’t have 1, we have 101 dalmatians

  68. Favourite is Tinkerbell. Whilst I also like Jimmy Cricket ( Pinocchio),

  69. Mulan is my fave character x

  70. Tinkerbell is my favourite. Though I do like many Disney character. As I saw many, many Disney films as a child.

  71. minni mouse πŸ™‚

  72. Rach Pilkington says: Reply

    I’ve always loved Simba from the Lion King πŸ™‚

  73. I love Minnie mouse!

  74. Gosh, there are so many. I would probably go for Mickey Mouse as he made me fall in love with dozens of later characters.

  75. Micky mouse

  76. paula cheadle says: Reply

    Chip from beauty and the beast

  77. My daughter loves Micky

  78. Mickey Mouse

  79. Ella Langford says: Reply

    Mickey mouse….the one and only

  80. MANDY DOHERTY says: Reply


  81. Cinderella!

  82. Amanda Gregory says: Reply

    Rapunzel is my favourite.

  83. Belle from Beauty and the beast

  84. Jessica Barber says: Reply


  85. Has to be SIMBA, or Jake from the Cat from Outer Space.

  86. I fell in love with Mickey Mouse when I was young and he was a perfect introduction to many wonderful later characters.

  87. I have always loved pluto ever since I was a little girl!

  88. ariel is my favourite Disney character as a child and still is now!!

  89. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

  90. Chip from Chip and Dale

  91. Bambi, from the first Disney film I ever saw.

  92. Natalie Henderson says: Reply

    Donald Duck

  93. Cinderella x

  94. Krystal miller says: Reply

    I love Micky mouse and so does my daughter!

  95. Minnie Mouse is my favourite Disney character.

  96. micky is cool x

  97. DENISE WILDEN says: Reply

    Marie from the Aristocats she is so sweet and I love cats

  98. tigger

  99. Either Minnie mouse or bambi! But I’m also a huge fan of jiminy cricket from ponnochio

  100. Minnie mouse is my favourite Disney character.

  101. Emma Middleton says: Reply

    Winnie the pooh

  102. chip and dale πŸ™‚ i know its 2 but they go together and i cant choose just one πŸ˜€

  103. Tinkerbell. Though I also like many other Disney characters. I enjoyed Disney films as a child, and enjoyed them as an adult haven taken children to the cinema.

  104. My favourite Disney character has always been Eeyore xx

  105. Laura Harrison says: Reply

    My favourite character is Goofy

  106. For more recent Disney characters, Buzz Lightyear is my favourite. What a jaw!

  107. Geoff Hibbert says: Reply


  108. I love Mulan – such a great film too

  109. Allan Fullarton says: Reply

    Donald Duck

  110. gotta be micky xx

  111. Danielle Graves says: Reply

    I have always loved Ariel from the Little Mermaid

  112. Danielle Graves says: Reply

    I’ve always been a Little Mermaid fan and really like Ariel

  113. Dawn Underwood says: Reply

    My favourite is Goofy

  114. Tinkerbell. Though I do like many other Disney characters.

  115. Samantha Atherton says: Reply

    Belle is my favorite character, she’s not afraid to be herself not matter what anybody else thinks.

  116. Charlotte Hoskins says: Reply


  117. I like CInderella

  118. ADEINNE TONNER says: Reply

    My favourite Disney character has to be Snow White

  119. Rebecca mercer says: Reply


  120. Tracey Mitchell says: Reply

    My favourite Disney character has to be tigger as they are bouncy and fun.

  121. laura stewart says: Reply

    Donald Duck

  122. Tiffeny Brown says: Reply

    My favourite Disney character is mickey mouse πŸ™‚

  123. Sleeping Beauty

  124. oh i love Minnie Mouse best of all

  125. susan thornton says: Reply

    I love Dumbo x

  126. Minnie Mouse

  127. donald duck

  128. Catherine Gregory says: Reply

    Tigger. It’s what I called my little boy from the second I saw his 12 weeks scan as he was bouncing all over the place. He’s now 5 1/2 month and still as bouncy

  129. Minnie mouse

  130. Shrek

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