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Being a new parent sleep is something I have little of now . I also find it really hard to fall to sleep , my brain is constantly ticking over . Before I had Ava I would fall asleep within minutes of going to bed and slept all night . So when l was offered the S+ by ResMed I was really intrigued to find out how well I actually did sleep now .

The S+ is the worlds first non contact sleep system that helps you to analyse and improve your sleep. All you have to do is simply place the unit by the side of your bed and sync it to an app on your smart phone .

Your sleep is divided into different stages . These being light sleep,deep sleep and R.E.M. The app enables you to see in an easy visual graph the amount of each type of sleep you had during the night . A combination of all three will ensure you feel rested in the morning .

Your sleep is then given a sleep score on a scale of 1-100. Once you have added all your details into the app it will generate your ideal sleep score . This is a score you will aim to reach with continued use of the S+ .

The app also has many other features that enable you to get closer to your ideal sleep score . I personally loved the mind clear function . As this enables you to make notes of all the things flying around your head whilst your going to sleep . Leaving your mind clear from those thoughts until the morning.

Make sure that you follow the instructions for placement of the unit . To get the most accurate reading of your sleep.

If you dont have enough space for the frame on your bedside table you can take the pod out and use it without the frame .

I thought it was really clever that the plug had space for two USB devices being plugged in . In my case one was the S+  sleeping device and also my phone .

When I first started to use the S+ by ResMed I was a little disheartened seeing the little sleep I had during the night . As I used it more I was trying really hard to increase my sleep score and also the amount of hours I had . Obviously being a parent this varies from night to-night.

This has now become part of my nightly routine and I do look forward to seeing my results In the morning . I have found using some of the inbuilt app settings has helped me to achieve a higher sleep score .

The S+ is priced around £129.95. For more information regarding the S+ check out their website.

*I was sent the S+ by ResMed for free in return for an honest review . All opinions are my own *
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