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AD| OrganiCup and Acessories: How I found them as a mom of two

*I was sent the OrganiCup and accessories for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own*

If you have been a long time reader of my blog. You may have seen a post I wrote about my periods after having Alby. Well if you didn’t read it a short recap is basically since Alby was born my periods have never been the same. For the last 2 1/2 years, I have been having very heavy periods. That at times have stopped me doing things or going out for the fear of leaking.

Many a morning I have woken up and had to get changed straight away as I had leaked in my sleep. Which I know maybe a bit too much information but it’s something that I’m dealing with every month. Also after speaking to other women a change in how their periods are after having children is very common. Many experiencing more painful periods and heavier periods.

Which has meant that sanitary products like sanitary towels or tampons are having to be changed more often. Which let’s face it is something that no one wants to do. Not only because it’s a pain in the arse but because it’s really not good on the environment. Did you know it takes a sanitary towel 500 years to completely break down. Which is just crazy!

I have used a menstrual cup in the past and I enjoyed using it. Which sounds very odd but it gave me more freedom to do things without worrying. Worrying that I was going to leak and be away from home and have no way to deal with it.

I believe that menstrual cups are like most things in life. It’s good to try a few different brands. As one that works for others may not work for you. Also, you may think one work really well but there may be a better one out there for you.

So after that very long intro, I wanted to share with you a new menstrual cup I have been using over the last month. I was very kindly sent an OrganiCup to try along with some of their accessories.

About the OrganiCup

The OrganiCup is made from 100% medical grade silicone. Silicone comes from quartz which is a type of sand. Which is the second most abundant mineral and isn’t hazardous to the environment. Also, the OrganiCup is not coloured which means it avoids any additives.


One thing I really liked is the packaging. The packaging is made from a recyclable carton with all the instructions printed on the packaging to prevent additional waste. The packaging has also been kept to a minimum to reduce emissions from transportation. The cotton bags are also made from unbleached organic cotton. Now if all of that doesn’t make you want to try the brand I don’t know what will.

Cotton bag for storage

Maybe the fact that they as a company donated 600 cups to the city of sea’s “Rethink periods” project. The project involves 600 schools in England and provides teacher training and product demo boxes for schools to keep and use for generations to come.

They also believe that safe and hygienic period products should be a basic human right. Which I totally agree with. They partner with charities both in developing and developed countries. To ensure those who need education about menstrual health can receive it along with access to period products. So far they have donated more than 10,000 menstrual cups and have more than 25 partners in more than 15 countries.

How I found the OrganiCup

From using a menstrual cup before I knew how best to fold it for me so I could insert it easily and comfortably. I use what they call a C fold which works for me but may not work for everyone. So I would suggest trying a few different folds when first tying a menstrual cup.

C fold

The cup itself is so flexible and easy to manipulate. Which I really liked and it made the whole process so much easier to do.


They say that you can wear it for up to 12 hours but as my periods are on the heavy side I did have to empty it before the 12 hours were up. As my periods got lighter I did find that it lasted longer and longer as the days went on.

I found the OrganiCup really comfortable and it was like I didn’t have it in. Which is one of the big things for me as if it isn’t comfortable it will put me off wanting to use it.

I did find on my heavier days that I did have some leaking. This may be down to positioning and I just need to keep trying to get a perfect position. I found the same with other menstrual cups I have used it’s just getting used to knowing where my cervix is. Also, It’s important to note that your cervix can also move higher or lower throughout your period. So knowing how to locate your cervix will help.

If you have any questions about the cup itself or how to use it. Then the FAQ section on their website is really good and covers a wide range of different questions. They also have a great video which you can find here . Especially if your a first timer to menstrual cups as they go over all the different folds and how best to insert the cup into your vagina. They also cover the different sizes of cups as depending upon your age or if you have given birth vaginally you will need a different size cup. I have a size A as both of my children were born via c-section.

OrganiCup Accessories

Along with the organicup I was also sent the Organiwipes and the Organi wash to try.

The Organiwash wash is £6 and is basically a wash that can be used to clean your cup and the external parts of your vagina.


I really like the packaging as you could have it out in your bathroom and no one would really know what it was for. So you don’t have to feel the need to hide it.

The wash itself was really gentle on the skin and doesn’t contain any perfume. The packaging is type 2 recyclable which I was really happy to see.


This Organiwipes are perfect for putting in your handbag. So you can clean your cup on the go. Which I found to be really handy especially for those days when I was heavy. As I didn’t have to worry about not being able to empty and clean my cup when I was out and about with the kids.


The OrganiWipes come in a pack of 10 and cost £4.50. The wipes themselves are made from organic cotton which means they are biodegradable. The packaging like all Organi products is recyclable. Sadly the wipe packaging does have a thin layer of aluminium to ensure the durability of the disinfecting liquids. Making the wipe packaging not biodegradable but they are looking at alternatives for this. So they recommend that you only use these wipes when your not able to have access to water.

Just like the wash the wipes also contain no allergens, contain no perfume and also certified vegan and cruelty-free.

My overall thoughts of the Organi brand

Overall I really liked all their products and what their company stands for. The fact that they are doing so much to make sure people across the world have access to period products and period education is amazing. It makes me want to support them even more.

I did find the cup leaked a little bit on my heavier days I think this has more to do with me finding the perfect position for it. So It’s just going to take some getting used to. I did, however, find it really comfy and I could hardly tell I had it in. It gave me the confidence to do things and not worry that I would leak onto my trousers.


If you haven’t tried a menstrual cup I would say the OrganiCup is the perfect place to start. It’s flexible and comfortable.

The OrganiCup can be purchased from their website for £21 in three different sizes.

The additional accessories the wipes and the wash just made me feel like the whole process was super clean . I didn’t have to worry if I was somewhere without water. As I could use a wipe which I did really like. The wash was really gentle on my skin and was great for cleaning the cup.

The Organicup is an environmental friendly ways to have a period

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