How We Used Comparison Sites to Choose the Best Mobile Tariff for Us

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With thousands of offers to be had across a vast multitude of websites, finding the right phone contract has become a monumental task. We wanted to make sure we were paying the right price for both the handset and the amount of calls, texts and data we needed, so we used comparison sites to find the very best deal for us. 

In the process we discovered comparison sites are awesome, showing us deals we would have never found on our own. Some sites even offer rewards if you buy through them, so even if saving money wasn’t benefit enough, rewards should sweeten the deal.  

Today I thought I’d share what I learnt using comparison sites, so you too can make big savings!  

How We Used Comparison Sites to Choose the Best Mobile Tariff for Us

Should you use a comparison site? 

The short answer is yes. The long answer is still yes, but I’ll explain why.  

Using comparison sites helps you cut the cost of your bills or find the product you need without trawling through endless websites. By providing an overview of everything on offer, you get a really good idea of what you should be paying for particular products.  

In addition, some deals are only available through comparison sites so you miss out on these if you don’t use them. And as mentioned above, some sites offer rewards such as cashback, two for one cinema tickets, or even cuddly toys.  

You can use the site itself to switch, or you can contact the supplier directly. But note that you won’t be eligible to receive exclusive deals or rewards if you do go it alone. 

How to use a price comparison site for my mobile phone tariff

Using a price comparison site to find your next mobile phone contract really couldn’t be easier.  

You will need to provide some personal details so the site can return the right offers. It’s important to be as accurate as possible; otherwise you may find the quotes change later down the line. Any personal details you provide should be protected under GDPR regulations, but always make sure you use a reputable site. If in doubt, don’t hand over any information.  

Once you’ve provided your information the site will return your results. You’ll have a list of providers to scroll through with unique offers from each. Then it’s just a case of finding those that interest you, comparing them to each other and picking the one you like best!  

On many sites you can buy the offer right there and then, while others just provide a link or phone number to the supplier and you need to contact them directly 

Use multiple comparison tools 

Never use just one comparison site. Each one has their own selection of service providers and you could miss out on a better deal elsewhere if you limit yourself. No one website contains every single deal on the internet, and as mentioned above, some even have a few exclusives. It may take a bit more work but you’ll save even more money in the long run if you use multiple sites. 

I’ve made it easier for you by compiling some of the best comparison sites for mobile phones.  

The first two are actually accredited by Ofcom so you can really trust their service. These sites will even analyse your phone bills to provide you with an overview of your average usage. They will then suggest deals based on your usage.  

Billmonitor is the first. This is a very popular tool with those looking to make some serious savings. It’s not the most user-friendly but it’s highly accurate and the bill analysis is very useful. This site is not free to use if you buy through them as they charge a percentage of your saving.  

Ctrlio is the second. This completely free to use tool will let you know when deals at your usage become available. You can set this reminder to come in monthly, or just at the end of your contract. 

The next two comparison sites aren’t Ofcom accredited but are well-trusted.  

Tiger Mobiles is dedicated to helping you find the right phone at the right place. Although not Ofcom regulated it does meet strict Ofcom guidelines. Tiger Mobiles displays your best offers, and then you go directly to the retailer’s website to make your purchase.  

Money Supermarket is a great general use comparison site. You can compare both monthly and SIM-only contracts, and you can find deals on the top handsets.  

So there you have it, my tips for using comparison sites. I hope you found this information useful and your future is full of brilliant savings!  

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