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If I’m being totally honest oral health and healthy teeth wasn’t really something that I used to give much thought to. If they looked clean after I brushed them then I was happy. Then I became pregnant with Ava and near the end of my pregnancy I started to get a really bad toothache. Which then turned into an abscess which then led to me having a root canal that failed. So I ended up having my tooth taken out at the hospital.

It was so painful and because I was pregnant and so close to my due date. They didn’t want to do too much just to be on the safe side. So I had to suffer the pain of my tooth and labour all at the same time which was fun and games. If only I had made sure that I had healthy teeth and mouth I may not have been in this position.

Since then I have really upped how I look after both my teeth and my mouth. The thing I found was that it didn’t have to cost a fortune. My dentist was trying to sell me all types of fancy kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes which sounded amazing but had a huge price tag attached to them. Which got me looking at what I could find on my supermarket shelves for a fraction of the price but still left me with healthy teeth.

Cheap ways to have a healthy mouth and teeth


The first step is so easy and it’s brushing. It something we do twice a day anyway. The thing which I changed was the amount of time I brushed my teeth for. I used to have a quick clean around and off I went.

Then I got an electric tooth brush which has a 2-minute cycle on. I make sure I use that full 2 minutes cleaning all of my teeth. Making sure I dont press down too hard as this is also not good for your teeth. Jordan has a really fancy toothbrush that tells him when his brushing too hard . As this is something he used to do.

I also used to brush my teeth in the morning and then just before I got settled with a cuppa in front of the TV. Then I read somewhere that says it’s best to clean your teeth just before you go to bed. As removing the plaque from your teeth just before you go to bed means that the bacteria wont multiple.


I never used to be very brand loyal when it came to toothpaste. I would always go for what ever was on offer without really looking at what the toothpaste actually had in it. When I say what’s in it I mean the amount of Fluoride. An adults should use a toothpaste that contains at least 1,450 parts per million fluoride

My go-to toothpaste brand now is Colgate mainly anything from their Total range. I have recently been using the Colgate Total whole mouth health toothpaste. Which I’m really enjoying as it literally makes my whole mouth feel great from my teeth to my gums. It’s also a whitening toothpaste which is something I personally want from a toothpaste.

I also have really low enamel on my teeth and it’s something I have had since I was a child. So I have to be really careful with my teeth as the enamel can become thin if I dont look after my teeth and drink too many fizzy drinks. The colgate Total whole mouth hygiene toothpaste helps to keep my enamel on my teeth stay intacked.

It’s also important to remember to give your tongue a brush when cleaning your teeth. As this is also a place where bacteria can accumulate. Bacteria buildup on your tongue can lead to gum desease.

Did you know that you shouldn’t rinse your mouth with water after brushing your teeth as it will take away the concentrated fluoride in the remaining toothpaste It will dilute it and reduce its preventative effects. So you should just spit out any excess toothpaste.


I used to think that flossing was something that dentists used to say just for the sake of it. It’s only been in the last 12-18 months that I have started to floss my teeth. I know a lot of people don’t like doing it but I actually find it quite therapeutic odd I know.

When I first started flossing I found it quite alarming how much plaque is still actually between my teeth even after brushing. It isn’t even that expensive I don’t really know why I didn’t do it before. I just grab it when I’m on my monthly food shop at the supermarket.


Using a mouthwash that contains fluoride can help prevent tooth decay. Dont use mouthwash straight after brushing your teeh as it will wash away the concentrated fluriode in the toothpaste left on your teeth.

It’s a good idea to use mouthwash after meals. As it’s sugesssted that you shouldn’t eat or drink for 30 minutes after using mouthwash as this will also take the fluriode from your teeth that the mouthwash has just put on them.

Food and drink

We all think about what different food and drink may do to our body . But do you think about what they may be doing to your teeth? I know from personal experience that drinking too many fizzy drinks can really affect your teeth. It can cause cause cavities which no one wants. Also drinks that are very acidic like cordials and fruit juices can also have a negative affect on your teeth if you have too many.

Just like high sugar drinks high sugar foods are also not good for your teeth. The food acids soften the tooth and material and dissolve minerals in the tooth. Which means you will need to have fillings or worse tooth removal.

The above ways are inexpesive ways to have healthy teeth and gums. They are things that are going to take you all of 5 muintes to do in a morning and before bed. So there really isnt any excuss not to look after your teeth and mouth. Let’s face it having dental work done to make your teeth healthy will cost you a lot more than some toothpaste, floss and some mouth wash.

Having healthy teeth and mouth doesn’t have to cost a lot of money . Here are some inexpensive ways to keep them healthy . #oralheygiene  #health #mouth #teeth #gums

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