Win a Cadbury’s Christmas party pack with wow free stuff

We have been sent the Cadbury’s Christmas party pack for free. In return for sharing with you the wow free stuff giveaway

Right I’m going to come out and say it . It’s nearly CHRISTMAS!!!!! Yes I know it’s only October but for us we don’t celebrate Halloween. So as soon as October starts I start thinking about Christmas. Plus the fact that I have both kids children’s Birthdays in the festive period . I really need to be on my game . Be organised if only to make my life easier and less stressful.

Can you believe I actually brought my first Christmas present in July. Which for me is really early but sometimes when you see a bargain you just have to get it . Now we have a garage at home it makes the perfect place to hide the presents away from the children. So buying things earlier and spreading the cost out has really helped me this year.

I think I have sorted a large portion of their presents. Either they are stashed away in the garage or friends and family have said they are getting them . This year I have tried to really cut back though . I’m not getting every last thing I think they will like cause let’s face it they won’t play with them all . It will be put away and forgot about until you do next years big Christmas clear out.

The main thing I have got left to buy for is their stocking fillers. Now these mainly consist of stationary, note pads and hair accessories bits for Ava. Then little cars, crayons and stickers for Alby. Not forgetting of course chocolate treats. My kids love chocolate like most kids do. Especially Cadbury’s chocolate.

Christmas stockings

we have been sent this amazing Cadbury’s Christmas party pack to show you. Full of all the yummy Cadbury’s chocolate that everybody loves.

Cadbury’s Christmas party pack

If you like the look of this Cadbury’s Christmas party pack then you need to head over to the wow free stuff website. Where they have a fabulous competition to win your very own Cadbury’s Christmas party pack.

I will be wrapping a large amount of these chocolates up for their stockings. Of course I will have to try a few before I wrap them just to make sure they are okay !

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