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    4 best online survey sites to earn money

    This is a Collaborative post Wouldn’t it be easier on our wallets to just take a couple of online surveys and earn some extra cash on the side? Of course, it would. Not only is it a pretty simple gig to approach, but it’s also quite fun. Let’s dispel the rumors about online surveys being a scam by saying they’re not. However, that also depends on which paid online survey sites you’re visiting. With this in mind, you’ll have access to the most legal way to earn some extra dough with relatively less effort. To ensure that you’re not being taken for a ride, we’ve prepared a list of some…

  • The Merry Hill Pub and Grill Wolverhampton

    The Merry Hill pub and grill Wolverhampton: review

    We were very kindly gifted a family meal for free at the Merry Hill pub and grill in Wolverhampton. In return for an honest review . All opinions are my own. On entering the pub I will say I was a little concerned with how our experience was going to be. As many of the windows to the main door and enternace area had been smashed. It didn’t fill me with confidence that this was a pub that I would want to take my family to. However we did go in as we thought we would give the pub the benefit of the doubt. As this may of been something…

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    Philip Kingsley making everyday a good hair day

    We were sent the Philip Kingsley products shown below for free in return for an honest review. However all opinions are my own. Since having children my hair has changed so much. Being pregnant my hair becomes so thick and full of life. Then my babies are born and it all falls out leaving my hair thin and lifeless. It causes me anxiety as my hair just sticks to my head and I find it hard to do anything with it. So when the people over at Philip Kingsley Contacted me to see if I would like to try some of their products. I was intrigued to see if they…

  • Make your own nachos
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    Make your own nachos at home :recipe

    We were sent a £10 Tesco food voucher to use towards the ingredients used in this post Our evening meals need to be quick and easy but still healthy. Ava isnt the best at eating so it can be hard to get her to eat most meals. However the one meal she does love is loaded mince nachos. It’s quick and easy to do and she loves the fact that she gets to have ‘crisps’ with her evening meal. Loaded beef mince Nachos To make your own Nachos you will need Minced beef 1 onion 1 pepper sweetcorn 1 Jar of bolognaise or Chilli sauce 1 bag of Nachos Grated…

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    Teether baby boutique brother and sister hoodies : review

    We were recently sent two hoodies from Teether baby boutique in return for an honest review. Also to host a giveway.All opinions are my own I was recently contacted by the lovely people over at Teether baby Boutique. Who are an online uk based baby boutique. They have some really lovely pieces for all occasions and at fantastic prices. Although they are called baby boutique they actually do items for older children and adults too. They asked me to look over their website and pick an item for each of my children. Having a flick though their website . I saw they did a really cute tshirt that that said…

  • Hape Wooden toys

    Hape wooden toys solar power circuit train set : review

    We were sent the Solar powered train and circuit train set from Hape for free .In return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Hape wooden toys are one of my favourite brands for children’s toys. Mainly because they go above and beyond .To ensure that their products and the production of their products are environmentally friendly . I am a lover of wooden toys they look so much nicer especially Hape wooden toys . They last longer and most importantly are better for the environment. Hape wooden toys are some of the nicest wooden toys we have had. We were recently send the solar powered train and…

  • mother's day gift ideas
    Gift guide

    Mother’s day gift guide

    We were sent the items shown below for free in return for a feature in this gift guide. Mother’s day is a day to celebrate Moms and all the things they do for us. Whether it’s your first mothers day of 50th mothers day you should be made to feel special. Here are a few gift ideas that would be perfect for all types of mothers. From gifts for moms to be to gifts for the environment conscious moms. Soda stream A SodaStream is the perfect gift for a mom that like a little fizz through the day but doesnt want it to be full of sugar or caffeine. I…

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    Scruff-A-Luvs Blossom Bunnies review and giveaway

    We were sent a Scruff-A-Luvs Blossom Bunnies for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. We often go to the free zoo the garden centre to look at the animals . Every time Ava sees the bunnies she asks me for one . We just don’t have the time at the moment to have a pet bunny. Thankfully though we have been sent a scruff-A-Luvs blossom bunny for Ava. It’s like having a pet bunny, they need the love, care and attention to transform them from a ball of matted fur into a fluffy cute bunny. The only way you know what bunny you have…

  • Giveaway

    Scruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies giveaway

    We were sent a Scruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies in return for an honest review. All opinions on our review are our own. We were also lucky enough to be given one Scruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies to giveaway. This will be sent to the winner via the brand. For more information regarding giveaway terms and conditions please visit our terms and conditions page. If you have come over from my review then will know all about the blossom bunny we had. This cute little bunny has become Ava’s new best friend. She is even taking it to bed alongside her much loved bunny that she has had since she was a baby. If…

  • February Favourites
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    February favourites 2019- Things I have been loving this month.

    Febuaury has just gone past in a blink of an eye. For us it’s been a busy month trying to get all things sorted for the sale of our house. Also we are buying a house so we are having to sort a lot of paper work and we seem to be working to certain dates to have things in by. So I feel like the month has just flown by working towards these dates. Although this month has gone quickly there a few things I have been loving this month. They are a little random and maybe not necessarily things you would expect to see in this sort of…

  • Finally moving up the property ladder
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    Moving up the property ladder and buying our forever home

    I have been wanting to write this post for a few weeks now but if I’m being honest I have been a little scared. If you have been reading my blog for the last year you would know that we haven’t really had the best of luck with selling our house. We have had two buyers pull out. Really cheeky people asking if we could leave most of the contents of our house. Along with a horrible time with Purple Bricks estate agents. I think we may now be moving up the property ladder and buying our forever home. I can now say as I touch every piece of wood near me  We have sold our house !! .…

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    Speech and language activities to promote language development in pre-schoolers

    Ava is a good talker but I would say she has been a little bit behind where she should be with her speech. A lot of the time she would say things and only myself or Jordan would know what she was saying. Mainly because we spend a lot of our time with her so we got used to how she would say things. Even if they wernt the correct way of saying things. I noticed that she was getting a little lazy with her speech and we wernt helping things because we didn’t correct her when she wasn’t saying things properly. So over the last few weeks we have…

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    Water softener pitcher by Zerowater : review

    I’m not the biggest drinker of water and I know it’s something I need to get better at . I know the more water I drink the better my skin is so when zero water offered me their water softener pitcher to review . I thought it might give me the kick up the bum to drink more water. The main reason to why I dont drink it is because I dont really like the taste of our tap water. So I only tend to drink water when I buy a bottle of water from the shop. Which if Im honest I never do as I hate paying for water…

  • finding the answer about her feet
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    The perfect welcome mail and other next steps for my blog

    This is a Sponsored post This year I really want to take my blog more seriously. Over the last 3 years my blog has changed so much . The posts I used to write in the early days are nothing like I write now. I used to write a post just so I could get one out on that day even if anyone didn’t read it. It’s not till I stepped back and realised that quality is better than quantity. So now I make sure that every post I write I write it because I want to, I put in the time and make sure it’s perfect. I also dont…

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    Valentine gift ideas to suit all

    Valentines Day is a bit like marmite you either love it or you hate it. If your a lover of Valentines or your just wanted to give your loved one a little gift here are some valentines gift ideas for you. SEAMS Hand Cream I’m a big fan of a fancy hand cream especially in the winter months. The SEAMS hand cream is the perfect present for anyone that loves to look after their hands. It was originally created for couturiers to help mend and soothe their skin. Their hands are the most important tool and they need them to be on top form. The quick Absorbing cream leaves hands…

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    Film recommendation: “Tully”, a manifesto of modern motherhood

    In collaboration with Emily J The film “Tully”, recently in theatres and now available on the new streaming platform Chili, may definitely be considered a manifesto of modern motherhood. Motherhood is often portrayed in movies to a degree that real mothers have themselves looking at their own homes and lives and saying, ‘yeah, that’s notrealistic’. “Tully”, however, is changing this. In “Tully”, you see the messy house, zero sleep, exhaustion, and how motherhood has affected main character Marlo, a frazzled mother of three,played by actress Charlize Theron.Charlize Theron explained in an interview with People magazine that self-identity and motherhood is something that Marlo struggles with, and that she is not…

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    January favourites- What I have been loving this month

    I see quite a few vloggers doing favourite videos and have always wanted to do one . But with going back to work and literally having no time spare they have never been done . So I thought I would pop them all in a post to share with you.   January Favourites  Tv programmes Now I watch a lot of telly I’m a lover of all random kind of programmes from the soaps to Ru Paul’s drag race . This month though has seen some new programmes comes onto my playlists. Orphan Black Now this is a series on Netflix’s that has 6 season and about 10 episodes per…

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    How we got our two year old to stop wearing a night nappy

    Ava has been out of a nappy in the day since June . She really did so well with her potty training it was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. Once I knew we had the day sorted with no nappies I thought it was time we started to think about taking away the night nappy. For a few weeks prior to taking the nappy away at night I made a point of checking her nappy in the morning to see if she had done a wee in it. 9/10 it was dry , so I started to talk to her about taking it away…