Its easier than you think to add a little colour to your garden during the winter months
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Adding some colour to your garden during the winter months

We have recently put our house up for sale. So we did a few jobs in the house that needed doing to make it look more appealing to potential buyers. This didn’t really consist of much a lick of paint here and there. After doing the inside of the house we looked at the garden and thought it really wasn’t up to scratch. We haven’t really done much to our garden whilst we have lived here. What plants we did plant in the summer are now dead and don’t add anything to the garden. Thankfully I came across this handy little guide from Sloane & Sons which highlighted easy ways to add some colour to your garden. I think that’s what were missing from our garden some colour. So I thought I would let you know what I took from this guide and what I’m hoping to implement.

Install a bird feeder

Gardens can look dull during the winter months and adding a bird feeder can add that bit of colour straight away. Not only will you have a lovely new feature in your garden you will have some bird visitors.

adding colour to your garden

Add some colour with winter flowers

When you think of flowers you think of lovely summer days. The truth is that flowers are not just for the summer time, there are a great variety of different flowers that you can plant in your garden during the winter months to add that bit of colour. Flowers like

  • Candytuft,
  • Cinerama,
  • Cyclamen,
  • English Daisy,
  • Erica,
  • Helleborus,
  • Iceland poppy,
  • The English Primrose,
  • Snapdragon,
  • Stock

Another simple way to add colour to your garden is to buy colourful pots to plant your plants in. This can instantly add some colour to your garden and will look lovely all year round.

colour to your garden

What ways do you introduce colour to your garden ?

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