Why is my baby blue around the mouth ? 

When Ava was very little we started to notice she had a blue ring around her mouth, I started to worry I mean why is my baby blue around the mouth surely it’s not normal . Maybe she was cold ?

blue ring around babies mouth
After speaking to my health visitor she assured me it was nothing to worry about . That in fact the blue ring around her mouth was due to her having wind . How right she was . We found that if we got her to bring her wind up then the blue ring would go . Don’t get me wrong we did wind her during feeds but she must not of brought it all up .

Ways to bring up a babies wind to prevent them having a blue ring around their mouth

  • The first way we would try was to gently rub or tap her back . We would do this is two different positions . The first would be to pop her over our shoulder . Word of advice make sure to have a Muslim over you shoulder !. The second would be to sit her up and support her under her neck . She much preferred the second way and we found it more successful.
  • We did also do some massage techniques to help her which,involved rubbing her tummy in circular motions .
  • Lastly we would move her legs as if she was riding a bike . This we also found was very successful .

blue ring around babies mouth
It can be such a worrying time being a parent . The constant battle of are you doing things right . After support from my health visitor about the blue ring around Ava’s mouth . We knew what to do if it did appear . She is now 8 months and I cannot remember the last time it appeared . It just goes to show if your worried about anything if your talk to a health professional. Or even sometimes another parent they can really but your mind at ease.

I hope that has put you mind at ease a little and given you a reason to why baby blue around the mouth

Have you noticed your little one has a blue ringh around their mounth sometimes. Want to know why it happens and how to stop it. #pareting #babies #winding

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6 Replies to “Why is my baby blue around the mouth ? ”

  1. Ami mymummyspam says: Reply

    How strange about the blue ring?? My son used to get silent reflux and battled constantly with his wind. I remember the days of doing bicycles with him to try and help. Before you know it, it will be like none of it ever happened xx

    1. I know it all goes too fast I want it to slow down now !! . The blue ring was very strange never heard of it before. X

  2. Had something similar with my daughter! Love the Wonder Woman baby grow by the way! 🙂

  3. I’ve never heard of this before, at least it gives you an indication when he needs winding!

  4. I had this with my second child when he was 2 weeks old, it was so scary as we thought it had something to do with his breathing and I hardly slept for worry . A trip to the docs made it more worrying as he was unsure and at last a paediatrician said it was just because he had pale skin and that if I looked at my 4 year old he had a slight bluish hue to the skin round his mouth – I’d never noticed! He’s absolutely fine a healthy happen 9 year old now.

    1. Oh my gosh I bet that was a worrying time for you !!! Glad everything was okay x

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