Going back to work has made me a better parent

I can honestly say I’m a much better parent now my kids are at nursery . Near the end of my maternity leave I was finding it hard . Constantly having children around me and having little sleep because Alby still like to wake up in the night . Was making me ratty. Which most of the time resulted in me shouting at the kids. Afterwards I would feel awful about it.

I don’t particularly think shouting is needed when it comes to managing your children’s behaviour . So it does pain me that I was going down a route where I would turn to shouting at them . I was loosing control , they were just being kids but it was really starting to become hard work.

Since going back to work I cannot think of a time where I have shouted at them . I have actually enjoyed being a parent again . I have time away from them where I’m being Jess and not mom . Time were I can think about something other than paw patrol and baby shark swimming around In my head.

It’s made me really treasure the time I have with them . Making sure we have fun together doing things I know they will enjoy . I’m enjoying watching them grow again and I have stopped worrying about running around getting jobs done. The time I have alone with them has been cut in half so I want to make sure I make the most of every moment.

Plus nursery have got Alby in such a good routine . He will now actually have a morning nap in his bed with no fuss. I can put him down with a bottle and his gone within minutes. Which means I’m having time where I can show Ava attention . We have been using this time to do some colouring or crafts as she loves this. I cannot believe how much she has learnt in just a few weeks at nursery . She’s able to use scissors amazingly which is down to nursery.

Going back to work has made me a better parent

This mommy and Ava time has really been good for her . Before I went back to work she was literally fighting for my attention . Now she’s having this time 2 mornings a week when it’s me and her she’s stopped the attention seeking behaviour. Which just shows I really wasn’t showing her the attention she needed.

I’m so glad I made the decision to go back after 9 months. I hate to think how things would have gone if I would have had 12 months off. Going back to work has really made me appreciate being a parent and in turn made me a better parent.

Did you find returning to work made you a better parent ? Or did it just add stress to your plate that you didn’t need ?
parenting is hard it really isnt for the faint hearted. I have found since returning to work I have become a better parent. #workingparent #workingmom #parenting #advice #happyfamily #happychildren #qualitytime
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