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I have worked with the lovely people over at CaseApp a few times now . I have also been lucky enough to work with their sister company StickerApp also . The people over at CaseApp have very kindly contacted me again asking if I would like to review some more of their awesome products . As their products are really well made we didn’t actually need anything . But as it’s the season to be kind to one another and share things . I asked them if I could offer it to my readers to which they agreed straight away.

Just to give you an idea of what we have had before and how easy it is to do you can check out our previous reviews . Or I have put some pictures below for you to have a look at.

You can either use the pre loaded design or create one of your own . I really love our iPad case with all the pictures on . It’s just a really nice reminder of how little Ava was. They also do skins which is like one big sicker that you can put on your devices. An example of a skin can be seen above ( it’s the one with the leaf design on)

Any of these will make perfect gifts this Christmas from a teenager who wants to be like the celebs and have their initials on their phones. To Grandparents who would just adore a pic of their grandchildren on their phone case.

Now it’s down the opportunity to design and have your own CaseApp product then enter my giveaway below. Please note to get your products in time for Christmas 2017 then all orders need to be placed by December 15th 2017.


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23 Replies to “CaseApp Christmas Giveaway”

  1. Margaret GALLAGHER says: Reply

    Personal picture as a surprise for My neice

  2. Angela Treadway says: Reply

    a picture of my sons x

  3. A picture of my kids.

  4. john prendergast says: Reply

    A picture of my dog

  5. A picture of my children

  6. A picture of my cats!

  7. Violet Phillippo says: Reply

    I would love stars on mine.

  8. A picture of my twins

  9. Michaela Hannah says: Reply

    I would love a collage of photos of my kids

  10. One of my dogs

  11. Photos of my family!

  12. A photo design that I really like and have always wanted on a phonecase

  13. A montage of personal photos

  14. I would choose a beautiful picture of my daughter and I

  15. A picture of our dog

  16. I would put a photo of our dogs on it šŸ™‚

  17. I would love a picture of my 3 children

  18. a picture of my wife, daughter and our kittens

  19. Kirsteen Mackay says: Reply

    I would put on a picture of my children I think.

  20. A picture of my kids

  21. I would have a heart design

  22. A picture of my family.

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