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Christmas traditions what to do and where to start ?

This year it’s our first Christmas as a family and I’m really keen to start some Christmas traditions. Where do you start what ones are best !! I thought I would put it to my fellow bloggers to give me some inspiration on what traditions we could start .

Christmas tradidion

The one that came up the most was the Christmas Eve box and I love the idea of this . Packed full of little treats to get both yourself and your little ones excited .

We do Christmas Eve boxes for the little ones – new pjs, new christmas dvd, hot chocolate and a Christmas book. Treat breakfast on Christmas Day and lots of family time. Oh and we HAVE to watch the Queen!

Emily and Indiana 

Last year was our first family Christmas, so I started the tradition of a Christmas Eve box. Includes the usual pjs, dvd, hot chocolate and book, but I also put in a tree decoration with Alfie’s name and the year on. This year I will buy a new decoration with his name and the year on and plan to do this every year now. I also happen to take a beautiful photo of Daddy and Alfie putting the star on the tree – so I plan to take one every year of that as well. A rather random one but we always have pigs in blankets and hot sausage rolls to eat whilst opening our presents!

Something about baby 

This is our first Christmas too. We’re doing a Christmas Eve box and 12 days of Christmas where we will read A different Christmas/Winter themed book every night before bed.

All things Amy 

I also found a lot of people don’t just do one Christmas tradition they do multiple.

I love Christmas!! We have elf on the shelf (and I make props and crafts to sell too) also xmas eve box…. first weekend of December we decorate the tree, xmas songs mince pies and mulled wine etc
We also give the nspcc letters and visit Santa 🎅 we also have a tree in our playroom that the children decorate with various crafts throughout December (keeps them away from mine)

A slummy mummy

I absolutely love Christmas and we do it all… Elf on the shelf, Christmas eve boxes, treats for Father Christmas and Rudloph, Chocolate breakfast Xmas morning, special items hanging on the tree, decorated house, a visit to Santas grotto etc etc. I love the magic of Christmas for children, it doesn’t have to be expensive and for me it’s all about making it special while the kids are so innocent and excitable!


Going to see the Mousehole lights, watching the Raymond Briggs Father Christmas film, we did a Christmas eve box for my son for his first christmas which we’ll carry on doing… I like the idea of an advent book pile too where you read a book a night leading up to Christmas


And of course the ever growing popular elf on the shelf was a hit with some bloggers . Now this one sounds fun and something I’m hoping I can do with Ava once she is bigger.

We started a tradition last year by following elf on a shelf and loved it!

Happy Mummy 

We do Elf on the Shelf, it’s fun for the whole family, my son can’t wait to find him every morning! My mum and dad even text me idea’s on where to hide him!

We also do Pantomime every year, it’s such a lovely experience especially at Christmas

Unique young mum 


Many families have a Christmas tree tradition. From buying a new tree decoration each year to  having a festive tipple and something to eat whilst decorating the tree.

We have a memory tree not a christmas tree. When we go somewhere as a family we buy an item for the tree. Then when we put tree up at Christmas we decorate with those items. Each year our collection grows and we remember all the things we have done together

This day I love 

When we put the tree up we always have a cheese board and mulled wine or sherry on the side and make it into a bit of an event! And we’re going to start buying one new bauble every Christmas, which our daughter will have a hand in choosing. (Unless it’s awful and I veto…)

The less refined mind

christmas traditions

Then there are always those traditions that are  special to your family . May not be something a lot of others do but it has become an integral part of your Christmas.


Every Christmas, my wife and I watch Die Hard. I showed it to her our very first Christmas together, and she insists we watch every year, which is fine with me.

man vs pink 

This is definitely one that’s likely to be unpopular with little ones but every year, my husband and I watch It’s A Wonderful Life the Saturday evening before Christmas. It reminds us what really matters at that time of year. We watched it with our four month baby last year (she stayed awake for half of it!) and will continue to do so every year so she can learn what really matters as she grows up

Words rhymes rambles 

We have a traditional-ess Christmas and treat it like another winter chilled out day. So, every year is different. Pre-children, we mostly spent time with friends over lunch or/and dinner; and sometimes watched Christmas specials on TV. Now as parents, we continue to explore our position on Christmas and what we want to make of it as a family.

Adventures of a novice mum 

I cannot believe how many different traditions there are I best get my butt into gear and pick some that I would like to start.

christmas traditions


What traditions do you have in your family around the festive period ?






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