Comforters yes or no ! 

As you may have read in a previous post Ava has a dummy and is very comforted by it when is upset or tired. Without this Dummy I may be pulling my hair out as it soothes her very quickly and sometimes is the only thing to calm her. We are big fans of comforters !.

Then recently we noticed that she would find the labels on anything and suck then . So I searched the Internet and came across the slumber sac Taggie blanket . This consists of a little blanket which has different textured labels around the outside which she loves to feel or suck .

I have recently had some negative comments from people saying I am giving her to many comfort items and that I should take them all away from her !!. That she needs to learn to self sooth and not rely on these. This really angered me , why would I take something away from her that makes her happy . It’s like me taking away something you really love for no real reason !.

I remember whilst on some training with work they said that children have comforters may it be a dummy or a blanket as it make them feel safe and secure . We also shouldn’t take them off our children let them decide. If your child cannot find their comforter this can cause anxiety .

So I will not be taking them off Ava and she can have them whenever she wants . I know adults that still have a comfort item like a blanket or a teddy or even suck their thumbs and they are well rounded adults.

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    My daugher has a monkey comforter she’s had since birth and I love the fact she has a special toy. I don’t see why it would be so bad for her to still have it as an adult (though I doubt she will) and it has saved us lots of tears on many occasions. It does mean I’m a nerous wreck as a replacement is very hard to find! #BloggerClubUK

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      This is what I’m worried about so
      Have gone for a generic blanket and brought in a few designs so she doesn’t get attached to one hopefully #bloggerclubuk

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    My 3 year old has a Dog teddy that she sleeps with every night. When she was tiny we took it everywhere (and had to rescue it a few times too when he got left behind). As she’s grown older she’s gently distanced herself from it anyway. Where she used to carry him around the house, she’s now happy to leave him in her bedroom. He’s more a sleeping buddy now.
    He was a great little buddy when it came to transitioning to the child minders – she had something she loved with her when me and her Daddy weren’t there. She could settle for nap without a worry.
    I’m a definite Yes for comforters – I’m trying to encourage my youngest to have one! Stick to your instinct, you’re spot on!

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      Thank you it’s so nice to hear a positive view on this . I love the fact she has something other than myself and her daddy that can give her comfort as I cannot always be there sadly

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    I’m glad you aren’t taking them away from precious baby Ava. She loves them! I don’t see why it’s bad for little ones to have things to comfort them. My oldest loved his taggy too. I found it because of his love of tags too! Thanks so much for joining us at #BloggerClubUK

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    I wish my child would have a comforter! I have spent many a tired night trying to give him a dummy or something to sooth him, but he is so stubborn.

    Me, as his mummy, is his comforter and still falls to sleep with me.I have been through phases of leaving him but I can not stand it. I have been told by so, so, so many people that I am asking for trouble.

    They are children and what ever makes them feel better… #bloggerclubuk

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      I get the your asking for trouble or making a rod for your back comment it really angers me !! Like you say if they are happy what’s the problem x

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