Don’t feel bad that you don’t breast feed your child .

Recently over Facebook you make have seen many pictures of women breast feeding their children with an overlay image of a tree. Symbolising the connection between mother and baby through breastfeeding .The roots of the trees being symbolic of the breast milk ducts  . To raise awareness  of breast feeding is fab but as a mom who doesn’t  breast feed it’s making me slightly annoyed .

We made the decision to bottle feed Ava as it was the best thing for myself and Ava . I didn’t want to breastfeed . I didn’t want to make myself do it just because some people think I should. I myself was bottle fed and I have grown up absolutely fine . I wasn’t a poorly child and I had an awesome attachment with my mom and still do now.

Bottle feeding moms face discrimination too as well , well I have anyway . Some women who breast feed are blinkered to the alternatives . They look down on you as if you’re doing  your child an injustice.

I just want to make it clear that I know not everyone has this opinion and it happens both ways . So please don’t suggest that I’m anti breastfeeding  and don’t like women who breast feed .As that is a load of rubbish I have friends who breast feed. Sorry as I was saying ..

I’m neither pro bottle or pro breast feeding  I think that all women should do what’s best for them and respect others decisions.Being a parent is hard enough without being judged constantly .

So as for the Facebook pictures of seen recently with reference to #treeoflife . I would really like to see more with bottle fed babies . As the formula milk is giving them life . Whilst they are still building strong bonds with their parents.


What do you think about all of this ? Do you think we need to raise awareness of breastfeeding   . Or just awareness that our children are happy .
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8 Replies to “Don’t feel bad that you don’t breast feed your child .”

  1. It doesn’t annoy me. I couldn’t breastfeed and I bottled fed both babies, if a mum or dad whip out a bottle who really cares a baby is being fed some are not so lucky to have this opportunity to have a choice to fed their babies . I think as long as a child is bonding with the mum or dad either way is great.

    1. Yes that’s it ! For some women bottle feeding is their only option doesn’t mean they are doing a bad thing . Their little one is getting fed .

  2. Perfect post, good on you for being clear on your decision and encouraging awareness of both! I agree entirely.

  3. I think the fed is best message is so important. Whatever anyone chooses it is best for them. Our babies thrive and have an amazing bond with us regardless of if we use boob or bottle.

  4. I couldn’t breastfeed. As a midwife I was judged a lot by colleagues for not being able to do so. It’s a very judgemental world unfortunately. Mums sometimes can’t win.

    1. Gosh that’s awful you would of thought they would be there to support you !! X

  5. As a breastfeeding mum, I agree with your comments. Fed is best, and there is no “better” way to feed your child. However, some people are getting quite offended by these photos and there is no reason to. Why shouldn’t breastfeeding be celebrated? Why shouldn’t bottle feeding be celebrated? Your photo is lovely, but you shouldn’t feel annoyed at the breastfeeding photos. It isn’t something that is done to shame bottle feeding mums, just another way to celebrate an act of parenting. I really hope that in the future breastfeeding and bottle feeding can be discussed as two perfectly normal options, without having to have a debate all the time!

    1. I agree I didn’t want a debate at all I just wanted moms to feel empowered with what ever method they decide to use x

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