A post to expecting parents . Sorry but it’s not all fun and games

Why is it nobody really tells you about the ugly side to being a parent until it’s too late . I have found myself doing things that before I was a parent I wouldn’t  of never dreamed of doing . I’m not on about being sleep deprived or constantly being covered in anything and everything from snot to food . I’m on about the completely odd and horrid things like these.

I will start with this one . When many people think of having a bath they think of candles and relaxation . Not if you’re  a parent it consists of scooping poo out of the bath and just hoping she hasn’t weeded in it . We now also have a bathroom full of plastic bath toys that she never actually wants to play with. She normally prefers throwing the water out of the bath and sucking the top of the bubble bath bottle.( note to self stop buying plastic crap )

Then going for a wee whilst out is a nightmare. The amount of places I have been that don’t have a toilet in the nappy change is crazy. So unless they have a disabled toilet you can use you end up ditching the pram somewhere and end up cramming you both in to a toilet cubical . Where she either wants to sit on my lap whilst I have a wee .Or try her best to open the lock on the door . I’m sure one day she is going to crack this and I will be on show for the whole world to see.(not a pretty picture )

Ava is 14 months now and has started to grasp the concept of sharing . So everything is ta! and passing it to you . Even if it is food that she has chewed several times . If you don’t take that chewed up food off her and eat it then WW3 will start . Most of the time so she doesn’t have a breakdown I just eat it !

Expecting parents be aware

Many a mornings when I take Ava to nursery I go to get her out of her car seat and notice she has a face full of snot. With no tissue to hand and not wanting to look like she isn’t looked after . I end up using my hand to wipe said snot off her face.

You will no longer have any privacy . So don’t think you can grab a quick two minutes whilst you’re having a wee because that little ankle bitter will be there watching you . Or if there anything like Ava trying to help you .

Your belongings are no longer safe the amount of times  Ava has gone into my underwear draw and walked off with a pair of my paint . Thankfully this hasn’t happened whilst we have people over . As nobody needs to see my Bridget Jones pants.

Expexting parents need to read


All of this is before she has even started to talk ! So I’m sure it’s only going to get worse. From experience of working in a nursery I can tell you there is no such thing as a secret . Children will tell anyone and everyone the things you don’t want people to know. The walls really do have ears with children around.

When you were expecting what things did you never thing you would ever do or have to deal with ?
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4 Replies to “A post to expecting parents . Sorry but it’s not all fun and games”

  1. Children are such a handful for sure, I completely agree. As a first time expecting mama this is very helpful and kind of a funny read. I wonder if my son is going to be like Ava when she has her moments! I’m hoping my son is forgiving with the bathroom pooing. I would forsure make that daddies duty to clean up!
    xx Shannon

    1. I’m glad it has been of use to you . I
      Hope for you too that he doesn’t do the bathroom pooing she make a conscious effort I’m sure to do it when daddy’s isn’t home !! . Hope all goes well and good luck x

  2. Haha love it. My little girl was a puker as a baby. After many feeds she would projectile vom, all over curtains, sofas, me, into the car speakers, the bed, carpet, everywhere. We’d just enjoyed a trip to a zoo and we stopped in the sunshine to let my son play and I fed my daughter. She threw up all over me and I didn’t have a top to change into. Oh man! So next day out I was all prepared with a spare top in my bag. We were basking in the sunshine of some lovely gardens and she decided it was the perfect time for an explosive poo which leaked out of her nappy and onto my light coloured jeans. I could have wept! And I totally do the snot hand wipe. So glamorous.

    1. Oh gosh Amy thankfully Ava has never done that!

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