For the last time she’s a girl ! 

Now I’m starting to get a little annoyed by the amount of people referring to Ava as a boy . Surely if you don’t know the child and it’s not obvious then don’t refer to their sex .

Personally I think Ava looks like a girl . I think she has really feminine features . So it really annoys me when people say ” what a cute little boy “. I have even gone to the extreme of dressing her in very gender specific colour in order to stop this gender confusion . Did this help ? Did it boat . The other day she was dressed all in pink and a gentleman still said ” gosh your little boy is so alert ”

When Ava was first born it really didn’t bother me that much . As it can be really hard to tell when they are babies . But not now !

I have started to correct people now . Most seem mortified and apologise straight away . Which I normally brush off and tell them not to worry about it . But today I had a totally difference response . When I told the lady she was a girl she then responded . So why dress her in boys things. To which I replied she is wearing a blue dress !!. The lady then gave me a very evil look and Walked off as if I had done something wrong.

I hate the fact I felt the needed to dress her in pink or explain to people she is a girl . I’m sure when she has more hair it won’t be questioned . I think people shouldn’t presume a child’s gender just incase.


Has this his ever happened to you ?
How did it make you feel (angry,annoyed, not bothered)
Does it still happen now or as it stopped as your child’s got older ?.
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15 Replies to “For the last time she’s a girl ! ”

  1. I have recently been on the other side to this! We were in a restaurant and Miss H pointed to a child’s toy, I said that’s that little girls babe, then looked closely at the child & said to the mum oh sorry I didn’t he was a bit – to which she replied she’s a girl. I was mortified! I won’t making any assumptions of gender based on anything from now on, I can only imagine that most people who had got it wrong (obviously not the person who challenged you but most) must feel the same as me x

    1. Gosh we have all been there at some point . It’s he constant having to say no she is a girl which is annoying . X

  2. Faye will come and beat them up! How dare they about my beauty!!! She’s always a princess! Xxx

    1. Aww she does love her Faye ! X

  3. Wow that lady’s comment was ridiculous. I have a little boy, his hair is not that long, but curly. He wears obvious boy clothes and people still says he’s a little girl. I’m like, Seriously?! People really need to use some common sense. Gets me every time. Xx fortheloveofBLOG

    1. Yes !!! Or just not refer to gender that’s what I tend to do unless it’s blatantly clear . x

  4. I did have a few comments with my daughter, especially when I dressed her in blue . It’s crazy that we assume only boys wear blue. Sometimes I didn’t bother correcting them – it doesn’t matter to me, they’re total strangers ! #fortheloveofblog

    1. It didn’t used to bother me. It’s like a daily occurrence now so is wearing thin. My daughter has red hair so colours like blue and green really suit both her hair and her skin !

  5. Catherine Evans says: Reply

    Yes, I have a little Ava too who has very little hair! A man stopped me to tell me my little boy was cute, and when I corrected him he asked me why she was wearing boy’s trousers? Oh, do you mean the jeans with pink flowers on them, that I am also wearing?!
    It infuriates me! #fortheloveofblog

    1. Yay for Ava’s !!! It’s like girls should be in pink frilly outfits !! X

  6. YES! This always happens with my daughter and it drives me CRAZY! I forgave people when she was young. As you said, it’s hard to tell. She’s 19 months now and yesterday it happened again. She has quite (I think) feminine features and she has chin length wavy hair. But…hold on…she was wearing BLUE SHORTS. *Gasp*

    Admittedly they were boys shorts but that’s only because girls shorts are so flimsy and short. I got the boys ones because they are better for her playing outside.

    Everyone needs to stop stereotyping by clothes type and colour! #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. I’m so with you on this !!! It’s so annoying isn’t it . Glad It’s not just me being over sensitive x

  7. I get this with my girl too. She has bright pink shoes and a pink peppa pig jacket plus a hairband in at times and people still say it! I’m like ‘are you blind?!’ It’s different if the child is wrapped up and clothing is t obvious but people must realise if they are wearing pink they are most likely a girl! I feel your pain. #fortheloveofBLOG

  8. This hasn’t happened to me, but it happened to one of my friends daughters who had to constantly correct everyone that she was a girl, when people said “ooh what a lovely boy”. There really should be no gender stereotypical conversations unless you know the parent, or are 100% sure of your sex. Ava is beautiful, please don’t worry what other people think or say. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire

    1. Thank you . X

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