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How did i do with my blogging 2017 goals and goals for the year ahead

When I look back on my goals for 2017 I think I was being a little optimistic , I don’t think I took into account that I was returning to work. which meant I would have less time to post to my blog and social media channels. I definitely didn’t expect to be pregnant again and I had times in my pregnancy. Especially the early days where the thought of getting on the laptop and writing a blog post was just too much to contend with.

Although I didn’t reach a lot of my goals I am happy with where my blog is at. Yes it may not be the best known blog in the world. But people are reading it which is my main goal. Even if they are close friends and family. I know they enjoy taking a look at what we have been up to. Especially those family members we don’t get to see very often.

I have really enjoyed blogging this year especially documenting my pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Ava I didn’t take any pictures. In fact I can remember very little about the pregnancy. But this time around I have it all written down to look back on in years to come. In fact it makes me a little sad that I didn’t start my blog earlier when I was pregnant with Ava. But hey ho I have it now and I can document the two of them growing up together. Even if no one reads them they are there for me to read.

Blogging goals for 2017

My blogging goals for 2017 were
  • Make it into the top 250 in Tots 100 . Now this didn’t happen in fact I have been in and out the top 500 all year. I’m not sure if this is because I don’t have an active YouTube channel as I know this is a metric they use to determine positioning now. As much as I like being apart of the Tots 100. Purely so I can gage how my blog is doing compared to other ( I know I shouldn’t compare myself) . Being apart of this chart hasn’t brought me anything ,I haven’t gained anything from being in the Tots 100 chart. So I tend not to worry about it.


  • Achieve a DA of 40. Now I have got a DA of 36 not quite 40 but its pretty close. I have worked hard on this gaining new links and back links from other sites. Its been a slow increase but it’s getting there. I can say though since my DA hit 30 it has opened the doors to more paid opportunities that are generally better paying. But DA isn’t the most important thing. Brands / pr’s need to enjoy how you write. So I have been working hard on my voice as a blogger and I think I have it now. I read some of my earlier posts a cringe a little as they don’t sound like me at all. I suppose its one of those things that once you have confidence in what you’re doing it will come.


  • Receive 5000 page views a month. I was definitely being optimistic with this one. I would say on average I receive around 2500 page views a month. Which I’m happy with , as long as one person is reading my blog then I’m happy. I have come to realise over time that I need to blog for myself not other people. With this I have come more relaxed about stats and I don’t constantly check them and refresh them. The only time I worry about stats is when a brand asks how many people read my posts and then I become a little nervous. But to this date a brand hasn’t come back and said my views weren’t good enough so I need to keep doing what I’m doing I guess.


  • Lets lump a few together now Gain 6000 followers on Twitter, 1000 likes on Facebook,3000 followers on Instagram and 500 followers on Pinterest. I can honestly say I haven’t reached any of these targets. I have however learnt that its better to have 1 active follower than 1000  inactive followers. So for 2018 I’m not really going to look at the amount of followers I have just how active are they. So for this I’m going to make sure I’m more active, post more engaging content that’s.Not just my content but share things I think my readers may enjoy. Have discussions and conversations with my followers and come across as an actual human not a computer.


  • To continue to top 500. I have done pretty good at this if I do say so myself. I have been working hard to make regular paid connections and most months now I have made a decent amount. It has enabled me to pay for things I would have normally not been able to. I have been able to pay for Ava to have all new bedroom furniture and also just to treat us all. Its allowed me to chill a bit more about money.As I like to have my own money and pay for things . Whilst on maternity pay then a part time wage this become a lot harder. So for 2018 I’m looking to increase the amount I earn from my blog and you never now. One day I may earn enough not to go to work !


  • Post three times a week. Now some weeks I have done this and other weeks I haven’t it just depends on what life is throwing at me that week. For 2018 I’m hoping to continue to post on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As this seems to work well for me and you my readers.


  • To find a good home,worked ,life balance. I think I did pretty well at this.As I did all my posts before the deadlines, I think I did well at work and me and Ava had lots of nice days out. Whilst I’m on maternity leave I hoping I can do more of my blog work during nap times. That’s if Ava doesn’t drop her nap !! and also on Thursdays. As Ava goes to my mom’s house on a Thursday. So whilst Alby is young I’m going to use Thursdays as time to catch up on things .So I don’t have to do so much of an evening .I might even be able to chill out and watch some telly. We can all dream right !


  • Check broken links. Now this is something I have done and have done it pretty regularly  though the year. I have found the more often I do it the better. As it doesn’t seem to be such a hard task as its only a few links at a time.


  • Schedule posts over social media. Yer this one I have not done at all. So will be something I need to look at in 2018. I know once I get into the swing of things and do it ,it will be beneficial. It’s just doing it I need to motivate myself to look into it and actually do it. This may be a Thursday job one week.


  • Go to a blogging event. I have done this one actually I went to two blogging events last year. I attended blogon twice and loved it. I wouldn’t say I learnt loads as I didn’t really go for that. I went more for the social side of things and I got to meet some lovely people and make connections with some great brands. Sadly I don’t think I will be attending any in 2018 for one reason or another.But now I have taken the leap I know the next time I go I wont be as nervous about it.


So for 2018 my goals are simple they are

my blogging goals 2018

Have you set yourself any goals for 2018 ? if so what are they ?

My blogging goals for 2018 what i want to achieve

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