Did you buy new the second time around or is it all hand me down items ?

So we haven’t yet brought anything for baby number two as we’re waiting on our 20 week scan . Which is only a few weeks away now !! It’s going so fast it’s untrue.

Already I’m starting to feel a little sorry for this child . When I was pregnant with Ava I couldn’t wait to go out and buy things . All of it being brand new. This time around we are reusing a lot of Ava’s things. If we have thought about buying anything new it’s for Ava and baby is going to have her cast offs.

My worry is if it’s a girl this will go on for the rest of her life . I have even said openly that if it’s a girl it will be so much easier as I already have girl baby clothes kept from Ava.The poor thing I’m sure it balances out at some point, but I’m so glad now I had an older brother . At least I knew most of my things were new and not all hand me down . Don’t get me wrong I love hand me down items  I just hope our second child doesn’t grow up feeling second best as that’s not the fact.

The fact is we brought a lot of stuff first time around with the though of using it for future children. So we went gender neutral with all the big bits . Or brought a pushchair where you can buy colour packs to change it up . Thinking back on this , this was a genius idea so thank you Silver Cross.

If you have more than one child how have you made it fair ?  . Does it balance out as they get older .Do these early days of sharing and hand me downs doesn’t really matter. As I suppose after all when they get older they will be wanting the iPad or phone of the time which will set you back a small fortune.

When you have a second child do you buy new or do you just use what you have ? this is when the guilt sets in that your second child doesnt have as much new stuff but does it matter ?

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2 Replies to “Did you buy new the second time around or is it all hand me down items ?”

  1. We mainly used all the existing things we had apart from replacing or not using the things that I regretted first time around. So we got a mountain buggy rather than a crappy tiny stroller and I bought a swing seat because my first born loved to be swung in your arms and I knew with a toddler there was no way I could do that second time around x

    1. Yes Ava had a swing seat we borrowed off a friend was the best thing ever !! X

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