I did it I graduated from university !


Just under three years ago I started university not knowing if I would be able to do it . It had been a long time since I had done anything like it . Would I be able to cope with the work load and working fulltime .

To start with I’m not going to lie I did find it hard remembering old skills and also learning new ones . Like Harvard referencing anyone who has ever done it will know it’s a right ball ache to figure out .

When I started university I didn’t think for a moment I would have to complete my last year and a bit being both pregnant and a new mom . As I had a c-section I missed a lot more than I wanted to as I couldn’t drive .

Yesterday the day finally came I graduated from university , I did it!!. This is one of the biggest achievements of my life . I am the first person not only to go to university  in my family but the first person to graduate from university.

The day was amazing but very tiring .As soon as you get there it’s all go collecting your cap and gown. To then having a professional photo taken , even though I didn’t want one but my mom insisted. Then heading into the ceremony hall . Which took around two hours for all the speeches and them for everyone to take the stage and shake hands and a big well done for graduating . Ava did amazingly she sat with Jordan and my parents and tried to clap along being really happy and full of cheer .

To see how proud my parents are just fills me with joy. I am so happy I decided to go to university. Now having Ava even more so than ever I want to be a positive role model . I’m so happy I can show her you can achieve anything that you want to do .

In the ceremony they even did the cap toss which I just presumed happened in films and not in real life !.

I couldn’t off done it all without the support of my family . They kept me going when times were hard And I will be forever great full. Being one for punishment I am returning to university in September to complete a top up year !!. So hopefully this time next year I will be writing a post on how I graduated from my next course fingers crossed !! .

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