injection Fury !

A couple of weeks ago now I got a letter saying that I needed to take Ava for her Meningitis B injection. At the time I thought this was a little odd as I was under the impression that she had already had hers and didn’t need any more. Like everything else this letter was put on the fridge and I didn’t think about it again until today.


I had been advised by my health visitor to give Ava some Calpol before having her injections. I too was a little dubious about this as how would I see if she had any reaction to the injection ?. I just did as I have been previously told and gave Ava some Calpol ready for her injections.


Before going to the doctors I did take a look at her red book and I could see that she had previously had some meningitis B injections and I couldn’t see any space for anymore ?. So when I got to the doctors I spoke to the receptionist about this and stated that I didn’t think she required any more . She agreed with me but went off to check with the nurse, after a few minutes she came back, ,handed me my red book and said no she is fine bye!.

I was that angry I just walked out of the doctors !. If I hadn’t of noticed would they or would they just of given her another injection. If so what effect could this have on her !!. What worries me the most is have other parents had this letter and have they taken them to have their injections and have they been given it again. Or was my letter just a mistake and the only one !!. Also I hate to give Ava Calpol if she doesn’t need it and today I medicated her for nothing !.

It so stressful being a parent you are always second guessing yourself but today I knew I was right and that they had made the mistake I’m so glad I had noticed.



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  1. Jeez, good catch Mama. Your frustration is so valid- I too would have been so angry if this happened to me. As you say, could an extra dose do harm? Who knows but regardless, no one wants to put themselves or their child through that for no need. I hope it was a one off. Poor you though.
    Just as an after thought- I think you HV might be old school as it’s thought that Calpol can reduce the effectiveness of inoculations and should only be given if absolutely necessary. Your instincts were right again. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

  2. Oh I would be extremely annoyed if this was me and write to someone higher to complain! I certainly wouldn’t have left the doctors without saying what I thought I don’t think.

    1. I have sent an email to the practise its one of them
      Moments do I go absolutely mental with my daughter in my arms or calm down and go about it the right way

  3. Dean of Little Steps says: Reply

    So true. I’d be as annoyed as you if that happened to me. It can easily be overlooked. What happens if the child has the shots twice? Good thing you had the mindset to double check!

  4. That’s not on – and current guidance is definitely that you should not give pre-emptive calpol. Some studies have shown that it lessens the effectiveness of the vaccine if given without an actual fever – and some don’t develop one. You should only give Calpol as a reaction to actual pain. They don’t even suggest for general fevers these days. I would be complaining about whoever gave you that advice. Well done for catching it!

    1. I will be for sure have looked into the use of calpol and came across the same information as you have given . So upset and angry with my doctors !

  5. Oh hun that is definitely not on, I am sorry to hear the palava you have had with the doctors. I can’t believe how ignorant they are being!

    1. I’m just glad I noticed before it was to late X

  6. Wow! Lucky you noticed when you did. That said the Men B vaccine is the one that they give you calpol before the injections at our doctors (they have never given calpol in another other ones). I hope they apologise and recheck other patients.

    1. This is one of the reasons I have written this post in the hope parents see it and check before they have their injections .

  7. Fashion and Style Police says: Reply

    Good you noticed it before it was too late. The NHS are famous for making mistakes. I was sent home with another child’s red book after my delivery.

    1. Omg that’s awful !! I had boy charts in mine which isn’t a big problem but wanted my girl chats as had a girl ! X

  8. What a terrible mistake they made. The nurses normally double check the books and things before the injection is giving so I am hoping no-one has been giving a wrong dose. xx

  9. Sounds like an admin error somewhere along the line. I hope you have made a formal complaint?

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