It can be so overwhelming having a new arrival . 

It becomes overwhelming very quickly , I can remember even before Ava arrived the Amount of texts I got each day asking if she was here . This did really start to get me down because the answer was always the same NO!. I did have to say to some people I will let them know when she comes . As the constant reminder that she still wasn’t here was really frustrating .

Then comes along your little bundle of joy . The texts you don’t mind so much now as it’s everyone congratulating you. Being a new parent you want to show of your little arrival so take pleasure in this.

I remember I had literally come out of surgery had a moment to take It all in then my family were around me . As much as me and my mom bicker.I was really happy to see her. It gave me that feeling of security that everything was ok . Then to see how in love they were with Ava was so precious.

As I had Ava on January 1st we were able to have visitors all day . So I had a slow trickle of people coming in and out . Which was nice but I was so exhausted I just wanted to sleep and have a shower . Even if I wasn’t able to move very easily.

Once I was discharged and got home we had more family wanting to come to see Ava . I did have to say to a few people could they come at a different time . As I was both emotionally and mentally drained and just needed to get back to some kind of normal .

You need to make sure to say no to people if you don’t want  them to come round . They won’t mind and will be happy to come at another time . My front door at times was like a revolving door. So I wished I had done this more .

Remember this is your new baby and as much as others want to see her , you want to get to know her. You will more than likely be happy to hand them over when they are 9 months old and harassing the dog !. Or climbing on every piece of furniture possible .

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