Magicube by Geomag review and giveaway

I’m always on the look out for new and exciting toys to entertain Ava with. At the moment she is loving animals so when we were offered the Magicube safari and polar animal set to review I knew they would be a winner. It even keeps grandparents entertained which is a bonus. My dad sent me this picture just moments after me leaving him and Ava to explore the Magicubes.

Magicube keeps people of all ages entertained


As soon as Ava got the box’s out she was excited the bright and vibrant packaging is really inviting. In fact I had to put one aside so she could just look at the one set .unlike most toys I have found on the market these toys are aimed at children as young as 18 months old !! Thank you ! I really think that a lot of toy companies have missed out this age. The parts are either too small that she could choke on them or its a baby toy. There doesn’t seem to be much of a middle ground. They do also do packs for older children, from 3 years plus which have additional parts you can attach on to your cubes.

Ava’s enjoying exploring her new magicube from @geomagworld . This set she is currently on playing with is the polar animals set. See Ava’s opening her parcel on our story. #geomag #geomagworld  #STEM #review #parentbloggersuk #ukbloggerlife #ukparentbloggers #letthemexplore #magnetic

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Ava set to work straight away exploring the different cubes in the polar animal set. She really wasn’t expecting them to magnetise together so when they did she found it really funny. Even though she couldn’t follow the little instruction cards that come with the set ,she enjoyed connecting them together and looking at the different images on each cube. One of the great things about this product is that the possibilities are endless .there are lots of different combinations you can create. You can also use different animal packs at the same time to create some awesome new creatures. Plus you don’t just have to use them to create creatures you can use them like any normal bricks. To build towers, structures what ever you or your child’s imagination can come up with.

Ava can become easily frustrated when she is unable to do something. I was worried she would have an issue with getting the magnets to connect. In fact she had no issues at all as the blocks connect from any side with ease. They even stay connected whilst being suspended in the air which Ava found amazing. The other great thing is that as you build you collection of Magicube you don’t have to worry about them not being compatible as all packs are compatible with each other.

Overall I’m really impressed . I can see that our collection will grow over the years. One thing I will have to get is a storage box to keep them in as Ava sat on the box within minutes and flattened it.



Magicube the magnetic buuilding blocks that let the imagination run wild

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  1. // Reply

    Ethan loves sheep best

  2. // Reply

    a wormie or a woody (woodlouse)

  3. // Reply

    my son loves giraffes… he refers to them as jig-a-raffes (not sur when he got it from but i love it

  4. // Reply

    My daughter loves cats and dogs … and unicorns.

  5. // Reply

    I love that these are aimed at around 18 months. Seems to be a gap in the market for similar at the moment

    1. // Reply

      I always say the same there isn’t a lot of age appropriate toys for my daughter x

  6. // Reply

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize for charity, to go to Romania.

  7. // Reply

    My grandson loves pigs.

  8. // Reply

    Adorable, my son would love this!

  9. // Reply

    my niece loves unicorns

  10. // Reply

    My twin grandsons are a bit young to have decided on favourite animal yet, but they love their big Samoyed, Taiga, who seems to have having babies in the house. This prize would be so lovely to keep for them, and keep them (and the grandparents) occupied!!

  11. // Reply

    My youngest’s fav animal is a ‘doggy’

  12. // Reply

    My daughter loves goats & sheep!

  13. // Reply

    My daughter loves dogs

  14. // Reply

    It changes frequently, but at the moment it is rabbits.

  15. // Reply

    These look great! my little one would have a field day!

  16. // Reply

    My daughter loves elephants.

  17. // Reply

    My daughter loves giraffes & zebras

  18. // Reply

    Molly, 2 – dogs
    Lilly, 4 – rabbits
    Daniel, 5 – sharks

  19. // Reply

    we love doggies in our house 😀 xxx

  20. // Reply

    We took our daughter to Blair drum she’s looked the giraffes. X

  21. // Reply

    My nephew loves giraffes

  22. // Reply

    My son actually told me yesterday that his favourite animal is now a lion !

  23. // Reply

    cats is our sons favorite

  24. // Reply

    My niece loves her dog Stitch so I would say puppies.

  25. // Reply

    My youngest loves puppies and kittens and my oldest love lions!

  26. // Reply

    Our grandson loves dinosaurs and dogs

  27. // Reply

    my son loves monkeys and horses

  28. // Reply

    My son loves Giraffes! They are definitely his favourite animal (at the minute)

  29. // Reply

    My daughter has decided her fave animal is now a crocodile

  30. // Reply

    Dogs are my grandsons favourite animal

  31. // Reply

    My sons are lions, my 4yo daughters are horses and my 2yo daughters are dogs

  32. // Reply

    Can’t remember if I commented here or not already. I remember my daughter’s first few words, car was first, followed by cat and dog. One of my parents’ cats was great friends with her, really funny for a cat, he would even sneak in the room to sleep on her in her carrycot. And she would wake up screaming and way too hot. Bubbles would just look at her as if to say shush. When she was a toddler he would let her walk behind him holding his tail. Funny cat.

  33. // Reply

    my daughter loves cats

  34. // Reply

    Probably cats as we are a multicat household but she also loves jungle animals like orangutans.

  35. // Reply

    My kids love lions, thanks for the chance to win

  36. // Reply

    Lions for the oldest and puppies/kittens for the youngest

  37. // Reply

    Penguins and pigs for my two

  38. // Reply

    Today’s favourite animal is pigs after she watched Peppa Pig. It might be different tomorrow …

    The Daily option in the comp Gleam doesn’t seem to be adding points to the total at the top of the page.

    1. // Reply

      Oh ok thank you for letting me know I will look into this

  39. // Reply

    cats are my little girls fave animal

  40. // Reply

    My daughter adores elephants but my twin boys just adore cats

  41. // Reply

    One grandson likes cats the other likes hamsters

  42. // Reply

    how nice. thanks for the chance

  43. // Reply

    Ok so think my kids favourite animals are monkeys now, they’ve been acting like them all morning!

  44. // Reply

    So are we meant to keep posting on this post for daily entries?

    1. // Reply

      No you just click on the button next to daily entry on gleam

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        No sorry what I meant was on Gleam the first option says make a comment here and it’s daily points but it means we are putting comments on here everyday for the points x

        1. // Reply

          Sorry I see what you mean . Yes you can comment everyday for points

  45. // Reply

    My little granddaughter loves pigs because she has just visited Peppa Pig World and love it so much.

  46. // Reply

    we all love elephants 🙂

  47. // Reply

    It depends if he’s watching something on telly with an animal in but usually dinosaurs, giraffes, monkeys and lions!

  48. // Reply

    My little one loves monkeys and meerkats

  49. // Reply

    Monkeys! She defintley is one herself!

  50. // Reply

    These look great. My daughter’s favourite animal is a chicken!

  51. // Reply

    My daughter favourite animal is penguin

  52. // Reply

    He has always been obsessed with Monkeys

  53. // Reply

    My daughter loves dogs

  54. // Reply

    My little granddaughter loves whales, lions and giraffes, not necessarily in that order!

  55. // Reply

    My Nephew loves Giraffe’s. He finds it soo funny the way they run x

  56. // Reply

    Daughter loves giraffes and monkeys

  57. // Reply

    My nephew loves elephants and giraffes.

  58. // Reply

    My little niece absolutely loves cats and owls!

  59. // Reply

    My toddler loves dogs! This is a fantastic giveaway Thankyou xx

  60. // Reply

    My son loves elephants and snakes

  61. // Reply

    My son loves Elephants!

  62. // Reply

    My son loves all animals especially huskys x

  63. // Reply

    A tiger apparently 🙂
    Thanks for the Chance

  64. // Reply

    Giraffes! Even considering a tattoo of a giraffe in my daughters honour 🙂

  65. // Reply

    Well Phoenix loves hippos (not sure why), Maxx loves dogs (good job when we have 2) and Mylah just likes anything. 🙂

  66. // Reply

    All animals but his favourite has to be elephants.

  67. // Reply

    My Son loves Giraffes and Pandas

  68. // Reply

    My granddaughters love birds

  69. // Reply

    my daughter loves cats x

  70. // Reply

    My daughter used to love penguins .

  71. // Reply

    My little one loves Pigs or anything farm related

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