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We did Mother’s Day a day early

Today we celebrated Mother’s Day . One of the main reasons for this is because restaurants place a hefty price tag on meals just because it’s Mother’s Day . Yes you may be able to take the mom along for free but then the other meals cost more than they normally would !
Why would I want to go to a restaurant and spend £20 more just because it’s Mother’s Day . I would rather go the day before and have the same meal and save some money !

Mother's Day family meal

Jordan did ask me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and to be honest I couldn’t really think of anything. I already have enough tat with mom on it to last a lifetime. Of course I love the bits I have but do I really need anymore. The answer is no so that’s why we did a family meal. This is something we love doing as a family and we went to a nicer restaurant to make it that little bit more special.

Also Mother’s Day isn’t just about me it’s about my mom and Jordan’s mom . So we like to make sure we go and see them to show them how much we appreciate them. After doing all the visiting there isn’t much of a day left for me . Now that may sound really selfish but it’s true I want a day for me . A day where I can have a lie in and a nap in the afternoon . With no time constraints I can do what I want  when I want.

That’s exactly what we did today . After having a late night out last night at a wedding Ava treated me to a lie in .It was at least 9 o’clock before we got out of bed ! I cannot remember the last time we did this . Recently she has been up at 7 if not earlier and raring to go. I blame going back to work for this as I have to get her up 3 days a week to go to nursery so it’s become routine.

Then Jordan said the magic words shall we have a McDonald’s breakfast . To which I replied without hesitation YES! To make my Day even more awesome Jordan went and got the McDonald’s breakfast.

My day just got better and better from then I had a morning nap !! Whilst Jordan sorted Ava. We went out for a yummy family meal and had a nosey around a Garden centre . Now I know this may make me sound about 70 years old but I love a good garden centre. Especially when the sun is out.

So to all you women celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow have an amazing day what ever it is you’re doing.
Mother's Day and clock changes thanks !
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