Picking your child’s name !! 

I found Being a nursery manager and working with children for many years it is so hard to pick a name for your little one !!. Certain names become less appealing to you because of one thing or another . So when we started to think of names for our baby I wanted a name that I had never looked after a child before with that name .



The other thing you have to think about is that they will have that name for the rest of there lives ( no pressure !). Some names I liked were cute for a little baby but just didn’t seem to be right for when she was a teenager or even a parent herself . It’s such a big decision to make !

When we started telling people we were expecting ,our little baby was meant to be the size of an avocado ( that’s what one of these expecting parents apps said , how true it is I’m not sure !). Jordan just said to me what about Ava the avocado and from that day on it stuck . I loved the name and still do . I know it may sound odd but she really suits her name and looks like an Ava whatever one of them looks like 😊.

I can now also understand why I have no middle name finding a first name can be hard enough !!.

Finding the perfect name for you baby can be hard. I especially found it hard as I work with children #babynames ##ideas #unique #traditional #girls #boys #rare

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17 Replies to “Picking your child’s name !! ”

  1. I agree, picking a name is one of the hardest. I picked names and whatever was in the top 100 I crossed off. You also have to consider the middle names to make sure the initials don’t spell anything weird too.

    1. That’s a good thought about what the initials spell will think about this if have more . I didn’t want anything to common either that’s why we went for Ava Willow

  2. Ava the Avocado certainly has a ring to it! I agree if you work with kids all the time you need and want a fresh name for your sanity and state of mind.

    1. Haha it’s a nice story to tell her when she was older Ava the Avocado !!

  3. I have a list of names that I love for my future kids but lately some names have been associated with some weird memories and I am slowly running out of names.
    Ava is an adorable name

    1. Thank you more than welcome to add it to your list X

  4. Picking a name is so hard we wanted a name that we like but didn’t want one that was popular.

  5. We’re currently going through the list of names for our bubba and we really like Ava May 🙂 i bet it was harder for you where you worked :p xx

    1. Oh gosh it really was hard and there are so many different names especially for a girl !

  6. It is hard to pick a name when you have worked with children as they do stick in your mind. I’ve always known what I wanted to name a girl if we had one but never had a clue for a boy name so I left that up to D x

    1. He did a good job love the name Lucas

  7. I like that you thought about names that were suitable for grown ups as well as kids. I don’t think enough people remember that. Someone once told me, choose a name that’s suitable for births, marriages and deaths – ie, young, middle and working and the elderly.

    I only had 2 boys names on my list (but 2 pages of girls names), so it was lucky that the OH agreed with at least 1 of them.

  8. I loved picking girls names and still have a long list of names that I would of loved to have used. I did struggle with our fourth boy though

  9. Picking names is hard, the best advice from us is don’t ask people for advice! 😉 as everyone has mixed opinions about names. Choose what makes you happy xx

  10. Kerry Norris says: Reply

    Gosh isn’t it quite stressful picking a band. I imagine more so for you being a teacher. I always think it’s best to not tell any family members too once you’ve made your mind up as they all want to put their opinions in lol x

  11. Kerry Norris says: Reply

    Urgh I meant name not band!! No idea how that turned into that word. Lol x

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