PISA preschool tests to be introduced another stupid government idea #PISAoff

This is a subject I have such strong feeling towards, testing our children is it really needed. Do we really need to introduce the PISA preschool tests ? Why can children not just be children anymore. In education we are too obsessed with where they are in regards to “norms”.

Parents are sending children to an educational setting from a younger age . Children are being observed and monitored from such an early age now. Us as Early years educators have such a stressful job . Also we have the added pressure of making sure children are “ school ready “.
Children in other countries don’t have to start formal education until they are the age of 7 so why are we pushing our children so much ? In fact those countries that children don’t start formal education until later on are actually performing higher academically than us.

So the government has come up with another stupid idea that we should introduce another test to our children. The thing that annoys me the most is that they want to introduce testing for children that are 5 Years of age!! Have they not noticed the increased in children’s stress levels over the years with children taking their SATS. We are constantly pushing them and at such a young age they are starting to compare themselves to others. Worrying about not being at the top of their class and in some cases being depressed because of it. So no good will come from testing children at 5 the only thing I can see is children showing signs of stress and anxiety from a younger age. Which is not what being a child should be about.

They have suggested that the preschool PISA tests will be taken on tablets. What about if not all the children know how to use a tablet? There is the first stumbling block does this mean that they “fail” from the start as they are not able to use it. Or what about children who just dont want to sit still and play around on a tablet completing the test. Is our curriculum not meant to be inclusive? So how can a tablet based test be inclusive? Also the early years sector over the last few years has taken a turn into a more creative curriculum so how does this fit in?

Is this just another chance for the government to throw money at something . Where the money could be put to a better use elswhere ?  A DFE spokesman suggested that they would be investing £6billion per year by 2020.

Personally I think its money wasted.We are constantly being reminded that they want a more up skilled workforce. So why not put the money there .So professionals can learn more innovative ways and strategies to help educate children.
Rather than using 5 year olds as guinepigs for their latest adventure .The government needs to listen many professionals working in the early year’s sector and support a non-test based approach.

We need to make a stand and make the government realise that the PISA preschool tests will do no good .If anything they will have a negative effect on children , I think . Let children be children I say , let them learn at their own rate and in a calm ,chilled environment.

What do you think to the PISA preschool tests?

This article below inspired my blog post http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/2017/01/31/british-school-children-could-guinea-pigs-controversial-new/

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5 Replies to “PISA preschool tests to be introduced another stupid government idea #PISAoff”

  1. I think it is a waste of money too…..5 years old is far too young to be tested. It is just going to cause stress and worry! x

    1. At 5 they really don’t need this at all ! X

  2. There’s a book called Beautiful Failures which is about the negative, very seriously damaging effect all these tests are having on our kids. I am not so against tests however, in our country, we keep having these tests, get all worked up at underperforming internationally but the Government keeps cutting funding to already underfunded schools. So work that one out. If you are going to jump in on the testing and not be happy with the results, put some money into the schools so they can afford to raise the standard (and pay the teacher better) #FortheloveofBLOG

    1. Yes I agree with this the money and be spent so much better else where ! Like you say pay teachers better they may want to put more into the job and may encourage more people to be teachers x

  3. I’m not sure about this, it all feels too early to be test setting our children, and on an iPad too, what happened to good old fashioned paper. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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