So Bomb DIY vanity case – review And giveaway

We were sent the So Bomb DIY vanity case for free in return for an honest review. All opinons are my own.

You may have seen that recently we reviewed the So Slime colour changing slime. We are back with you today with another product from this family which is the So Bomb DIY vanity case.

What’s in the So Bomb DIY vanity case

So Bomb DIY vanity case

In the case you will get

  • 5 different fragerence colours
  • 5 packs of bicarbonate of soda
  • 3 plastic moulds
  • 1 pack of sprinkles
  • 3 adorable figurines to hide in your bath bomb
  • 1 pipette
  • A set of stickers to decorate your case

What to do

making the bath bombs

You need to start by taking to coloured frangerence packets and pour them into a bowl. We did a bowl per colour so Ava could layer the different colours. Then using the pipette add some water to the coloured powder and mix it all in.

You then need to take the packet of soda making sure it has not lump in and pour it on top of the colour powder. Then mix them both togther so no white soda can be seen.

Bath bomb powders

You will then need to repeat this step for all the colours that you are wanting to use.

Then it’s time to load it into the the moulds. There are two side to the moulds so starting with A side we put some sprinkles in the layered the colours ontop. Then in the B mould fill it half way and then put in one of the three adorable figures. Then contiue to fill it to the top of the mould.

So Bomb DIY

Now comes the tricky bit

Now you need to put the A and B moulds together. Our first attempt was a bit of a flop. There was powder in the section where the two moulds connected with each other. Meaning they wouldn’t fit together. So we had to re do that one. But once I knew what needed to be done it did become easier and we made 3 bathbombs.

Time to leave them

Now you need to leabe them so they can harden in the moulds. We left ours for most of the day and only took them out when we was going to use one in the bath.

To my surprise they all actually worked. They stayed in shape and I was actually pretty impressed with how they looked.

So Bomb DIY

Now to try the bath bombs out

As Ava’s skin can be a little sensive we didnt use them in the bath straight away instead we let her play with one in the sink. To see if they would cause her skin to flare up. As of yet her her skin hasnt shown any signs of a reaction. However my hands did feel a littl sore afterwards. So I would just say be careful maybe test it out like we did before using them in the bath with your children.

Fizzing bath bomb

Our overall thoughts

Overall I think this is a really nice set. I enjoyed spending the time with Ava making the bath bombs and she really enojyed doing it. Even though actually getting the moulds together was a little tricky. They actually turned out really well. I would go as far and say they look like ones I have seen in the shops.

I love the fact it comes in a vanity case as it gives you something to store all the bits in when they are not being used.

73 thoughts on “So Bomb DIY vanity case – review And giveaway

  1. Katie Skeoch

    A rose petal bath bomb is my favourite

  2. Solange

    I love vanilla.

  3. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Love citrus especially orange

  4. Emma Walters

    coconut would be lovley x

    1. Margaret GALLAGHER

      Mandarin uplifting and inspiring

  5. Kim Styles

    I love jasmine – it fills not only the bathroom but the whole house with a heavenly fragrance

  6. Kim Styles

    I like Rose- it reminds me of my mums garden

  7. Kim Styles

    I also like patchouli but it is a very strong scent

  8. Kim Styles

    One of my favourites is Lavender

  9. Kim Styles

    I like a fruity scent sometime and a strawberry scent can be lovely

  10. Kim Styles

    sometimes Vanilla is a favourite scent of mine it has that ‘clean’ aroma!

  11. Kim Styles

    I love the scent of raspberry

  12. Nageena Ahmed

    My favourite fragrance for a bath bomb is mango.

  13. Rebecca Smith

    Ooo has to be coconut

  14. Helen Best

    I love coconut its good for the skin to

  15. Natalie Burgess

    I love lavender xx

  16. Susan Smith

    Rose petals

  17. Pam Francis Gregory

    Coconut is my favourite

  18. Nyasha Mtutu

    Creamy coconut…mmmmm so luxurious

  19. Tracy Hanley

    I would say lemon

  20. Kim Styles

    A Lemon Bath bomb gives a lovely clean citrusy scent to the bathroom

  21. Karen Watt

    Love coconut

  22. Nicola Marshall

    I love a lemon bath bomb.

  23. Ursula Hunt

    I love a flowery scent like sweet pea

  24. Kim Styles

    a lovely pine scent is a wonderful fresh scent for a bath bomb and is one of my favourites

  25. james jordan

    Love citrus especially orange

  26. Margaret Clarkson

    Most floral fragrances, especially rose.

  27. Geri Gregg

    Vanilla or lavender, I adore those scents

  28. Susan Smith

    I like almost any of the fragrances but Lavender has to be my favourite

    1. Linda Turner

      I love the rose. Smell is amazing

  29. Amanda Baggott

    Rose petals 🙂

  30. Kim Styles

    I love a zesty manderin scent

  31. Laura Wheatley

    I love fruity scents and sweet scents <3

    1. Selena Longworth

      I love lemon as its so fresh and funky! My daughter turns 5 this month and would love this!

  32. Jayne Townson

    Lemongrass would be lovely.

  33. Kim Styles

    I think Cherry is a lovely scent

  34. Laura Wheatley

    strawberry is always nice

  35. Kim Styles

    one of my favourite scents is coconut it adds a tropical edge to soaking in warm water – you can close your eyes and imagine you are floating in a lagoon on a tropical island!

  36. Kim Neville

    I like vanilla

  37. Tracy Hanley

    Love a lemon smell

  38. Rachel Butterworth

    Lavender, it’s such a relaxing scent.

  39. Kim Neville

    I like vanilla or strawberry

  40. Kim Styles

    A nice peppermint is a great cleansing scent for a bath bomb

  41. Laura Wheatley

    tea tree makes a lovely bath bomb


    Yorkshire lass from Yorkshire soap

  43. Tracy Newton

    Lavender for relaxation

  44. Laura Wheatley

    citrus scents are also lovely, really refreshing

  45. Tracy Newton

    I love uplifting citrus scents

  46. Kim Neville

    I like strawberry and vanilla

  47. Laura Wheatley

    tuti fruti would be nice. I love colourful bath water its relaxing

  48. Samantha O'D

    Lavender very relaxing

  49. Rebecca Roberts

    Lavender would be amazing what fun me and my daughter would have with this

  50. Troy Easton

    It would be the Lemon.

  51. Elizabeth Yeates


  52. Rebecca Whatmore

    I love them all! Chocolate or citrus scents are nice!

  53. Hayley Ford

    Lavendar! Nice and relaxing!

  54. paula cheadle

    Coconut is my fave

  55. Susan Smith


  56. sarah morris


  57. Rachel Craig


  58. Julie McDonald

    Love lavender

  59. carol boffey

    a flowery scent

  60. Sandra Fortune

    Rose scent lovely prize thanks for the chance

  61. melody cross

    I love fruity scents

  62. Laura Wheatley

    tropical scents

  63. Lucie Aiston

    Citrus scents are my ultimate faves but we love Bath bombs in this house

  64. Anna Brown

    Mango scented is my favourite bath bomb

  65. Samantha O'D


  66. Sean Eccles


  67. Michelle Corbett

    Dewberry for us! It’s such a gorgeous scent. We love our bath bombs they are great fun!
    I’ve tweeted and followed but links won’t complete x

  68. Rebecca Phillips

    i love mango!

  69. Lucy Carter

    I love anything with Rose.

  70. Adrian Bold


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