I cannot wait for some summer time family fun

I love the summer time , feeling the sun on your skin makes everything feel a lot better . There really is something about the summer time that just makes life more bearable. I’m not saying my life is horrid just some days can be stressful but when the sun is out things don’t seem as bad.
I cannot wait to make more memories with my little family go on family days out. We’re hoping to take Ava to West Midlands safari park . Which I’m sure she is going to love . I cannot wait to see her little face when we drive through the animals and they poke their head through the window. She is going to love it !

Right by Ava’s nursery is a lovely park. So I’m hoping to take her to the park after nursery a few times . Then walk her down the see the ducks . Hopefully it goes better than last year and we don’t get surrounded by them.

We’re also hoping to get our dog kya in the car more often. This in its self is a hard thing to do . She is not the biggest fan of the car she dribbles a lot and sometimes she is even sick. Then when we get to wherever we are taking her she is absolutely fine and has the best time . So we’re hoping we can stop her from being so anxious in the car. Fingers crossed as it would be lovely to take her somewhere green to walk and not pavements. We don’t have any fields by us so we have to take her in the car to give her somewhere nice to explore.

Summer time family fun

I do wish we were going on a lovely family holiday but sadly not. The truth is you cannot do everything . We are looking to move house in the next year or so. So we’re saving for that and in the long run a new house would be more beneficial than a holiday as lovely as it would be.

If I’m honest I’m looking forward to having some time off work . Just a few days to refresh then get back to it . I only work part-time but I am quickly learning that can sometimes be harder than working full-time.

What plans do you have for the summer? 
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  1. I must be feeling in the summer mood too because this morning I’ve messaged my friend to say come on we need to get some camping weekends booked. The kids absolutely loved it last year and looking forward to it all again this year x

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