Take your holiday snaps and do one !

Now the time starts where people post holiday snaps constantly . Most of the people on my Facebook timeline are living it up child fee
on a tropical island somewhere with a cocktail in their hand. Every time I see these pictures I just want to scream.

holiday and cocktails


Especially when they upload an album with 100+ pictures. Do they really think people want to see all these pictures or is it a chance for them to show off . Well either way I find it infuriating.

I really don’t need to be reminded that I can now longer wear a bikini and look remotely nice. Nor can I wear what I want without having to think about my muffin top or stretch marks . Make the most of this, it won’t  be your life forever you will soon be like me don’t you worry !

Holiday bikini body


Now I’m not saying don’t enjoy your holiday just don’t rub it in everyone’s faces. Think about us sitting at home with this crappy weather. I’m sure when your back at home seeing others pictures you will think go do one.

Yes I probably am a little jealous it has been such a long time since I felt proper sun on my skin . We moved house had a baby and now relaxing holidays seem a thing of the past . I would be happy with a weekend away in Devon right now . Anything would be nice a break from everyday life would be amazing.

So please for everyone’s sake leave the boasting to a minimum. Yes show everyone your having a good time but don’t Facebook live yourself on holiday . Don’t be adding constant videos to your Instagram story . Just be on holiday and enjoy it . Then if people want to know about it and see all the photos you can show them when you return.

Is it just me that finds this so annoying ? Do I just need to have a holiday myself ? 
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