We’re experiencing tears, tantrums and general cheekiness from our not even 2 year old !

Ava’s at that age now where she is starting to test us . The simplest of things becomes a battle. Some days this can start as soon as she wakes up in the morning.


I have always liked to give Ava choice be it with her  food, what’s on telly or what she is wearing that day . Well now it’s coming back and biting me on the bum . I now have a very independent strong-minded little girl . I can already hear people saying it’s because I’m a lazy parent Or that I have made a rod for my own back. The truth is I believe in freedom of choice even at Ava’s age . I’m hoping me letting her make her own decisions now will put her in good stead for when she is at school and needs to know her own mind .

For one minute though I didn’t think I would be having a full on argument with my not even 2-year-old about what socks she was wearing that day. Or that Wotsits isn’t an ideal breakfast option. It’s so bloody draining especially when we have it most days but what Ava needs to learn is that I’m pretty stubborn when I want to be and she won’t win every battle . She does however know that certain people will let her get away with anything. I’m looking at you dad !

When it comes to disciplining her gosh that’s  a strong word ok telling her off . At the moment 9 times out of 10 counting to 3 works with her and she listens to me . There are times where she finds this all to funny and doesn’t listen . Which normally leads to her hurting herself or as you may have seen over on my Instagram me hurting myself !

How cringe is it though when they start to copy you. Quite often she will tell me
Off when I’m doing something she doesn’t like , waging her finger at me.  Or when she starts doing it to her own friends telling them off for climbing or pushing !. Isn’t it just amazing when they start to talk also  … not! We now get no quite a lot .

I know we’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg with this behaviour and at some point she is going to test us even more . You know what though I wouldn’t change her for the world she is a cheeky little monkey but that’s fine , she’s not naughty as some might say .That’s her that’s the personality she is going to have.Even if she does like to throw herself on the floor in the middle of Coop as I won’t let her have chocolate before nursery.

toddlers can be hard tantrums and mental break downs but it happens before they are two

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