The benefits to free flow is play for children 

You may have heard the term free flow play being thrown a lot especially if your little one goes to nursery. Do you actually know what it means or what the benifits are ?

Well free flow play is a really simple concept . It is simply allowing children to explore what area they want to . Be it outside or inside . This means that children need to be able to access both indoor and outdoor activities with ease. You can do this at home it doesn’t have to be something that happens at nursery. If you have some aluminium sliding doors at home just leave them open a little for them to be able to pick where they want to play .

This is where we have to remember that children won’t melt away in the rain . So let them play outside in the rain . Remember it’s bad clothing not bad weather ! 

free flow play

Free flow play can benefit children greatly as they are able to make the decision for themselves where they would like to play . It’s free from a ridged structure meaning they don’t have to play in certain areas at certain times.You may find that some children stick to playing with one thing or in one area that’s done that is just what instreats them . This may change dependant upon their interest that week and what actives are on offer.

The children will also learn to asses the weather and what items of clothing they may need whilst outdoors . Free flow play offers a wide variety of different learning opportunities for children.

You may more than likely offer free flow play at home but just never really it a thought.

free flow play


Do you let your children outside when it’s raining ?
Is it easy for your children to access both indoors and outdoors at home ?

free flow play is so benifical for children want to know why then take a look at this


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