The first tooth 

Over the last week or so Ava has been a little off . We put that down to the heat as it has been really warm.Not did we think she maybe cutting her first tooth!.

She has had such bad nappy rash the poor thing, to the point where I think I have used a whole tub of cream in a week. Her horrid nappies weren’t  exactly helping her nappy rash. We also had the constant dribbling . I’m not sure if this is tooth related but we have noticed Ava pulling some very funny facial expressions . It’s like she is practasing how to make different sounds . I liken it to her putting her false teeth back in its so funny.

Everything has been in her mouth even more so than normal . She has even tried to get the dogs toys . We will move the dog toys away from her and she will just roll over and try and get them again!.

Then the other night after giving her a bath I saw this little cute tooth popping through . The joy one tooth can give you is amazing . We both then started to talk about what she will look like with teeth as this just seems so odd.

I am hoping that this won’t be the case each time she cuts a tooth ,with having horrid nappy rash. I’m sure the chances are that it will be though.

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