Tommee Tippee milestone cards : review and giveaway #Parenton

I was recently approach by the lovely people over at Tommee Tippee. To see if I would like to review their cute and funny milestone cards. This is something I always wanted to use with Ava, but like most things never got round to buying them.

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These cards don’t just document the happy side to being a parent and having a baby. There are also cards like “today I inappropriately let one go “. Which if your child is anything like Ava she is always doing this to me !. I did find that the cards were for younger children. So as Ava is nearly 9 months old she had passed many of the milestone. If only I had them when she was younger !. As we live in a world full of technology the day of writing in a baby book has long gone. With these cards at a push of a button you can snap a memory and keep it forever.

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Today was just too hot and we had many of these mini breakdowns !.


Tommee Tippee  are very kindly giving away a pack of these milestone cards with every manual breast pump or new born starter set . In the Asda baby event which will start on 22nd August.


Not just for babies you can also use these with your fur babies.



* I was sent the milestone cards shown above for free in return for a honest review, All pictures and opinions are my own*

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    I have Baby Record Books for each of my kids for recording Milestones. I’ve always loved the look of these Milestone Cards.

    1. // Reply

      They are so cute , wish I had got some when Ava was first born xx

    1. // Reply

      Thank you fingers crossed and good luck with the pregnancy. X

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    I had a baby milestone/record book for my little one (who’s now 10), however I’m very ashamed to say that life got in the way, the book got put away to come out a day or too later and wasn’t touched for months. I love how things have changed nowadays though and would love to win a set of these for baby number two when it happens! xx

    1. // Reply

      Baby books are a lovely afterthought normally filled in months later in our house. X

      1. // Reply

        I’m glad I wasn’t the only one! The only problem is was trying to remember the exact dates aha! Also please excuse the spelling mistake in my comment above, too was suppose to be two! xx

        1. // Reply

          Don’t worry about spelling . No your not the only one an I’m sure we are amongst the majority. As much as we buy these books to document everything in life just rushes past X

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    I have a little book which is specifically designed to log all of those special development moments 🙂 These cards sound great however, especially for photos x

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      They are great . I always have my phone to hand so always makes me think to take a picture with them X

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    I use some cards like these although they are American so have things like “my first Grandparents Day” and “my first 4th July”! and when I remember (2nd baby so rarely!) I document in his baby record book. Would love a set like this for baby no.3 due in 4 weeks! X

    1. // Reply

      Good luck hope all goes well with baby X

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    I mainly document using photo albums and scrap books but I also keep some items in a special box such as first shoes, first dress, first wooden toy along with things the children have made themselves such as first plasticene or paper mache masks and models.

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    I think like most people : – photographs.

    Baby Books can be a nice way to keep a Record of Milestones, Special Events etc. Though books vary in content, layout etc.

    I love these cards, and think they are of great benefit to record Happy Moments. I have a friend who recently had her first baby, I’m sure she would enjoy making use of such a gift.

    1. // Reply

      They are fab and so easy to do especially In today’s world. X they would make an awesome present fingers crossed for you X

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    These are brill, love that they show the negatives as well as positives

    1. // Reply

      They are fab as it’s not all rainbows X

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    With Facebook statuses and with photos!

  9. // Reply

    We send our daughter emails detailing her life and then when she’s 18 we will give her the email address and password. We send photos, write down silly songs, details of special occasions etc

  10. // Reply

    I use a monthly photobook app and do seasonal books and then special books for holidays & special occasions

  11. // Reply

    The cards look wonderful and such a poignant reminds I have a baby record book but I really need to update it!

  12. // Reply

    At the moment we take photos with the digital camera then put them in a scrapbook

  13. // Reply

    We don’t officially record milestones, I wish we had though. I now have 3 children, my youngest is nearly 1 and I would love these to start recording his milestones before it’s too late

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    I wrote my daughters down in her baby book, I don’t think these where available when I was pregnant with her, Im expecting baby number 2 now so these would be great as I could take a photo of their milestones and put them in a photo album! 😀

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    We do tend to take many photos of children and pets. The Tommee Tippee Milestone Cards seem an excellent way of creating a record to share with family and friends. Cute and humorous moments etc.

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    I photograph everything, and make digital scrap books. These cards are awesome.

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    These cards are a fab idea. Would definitely save me time if I ever get round to making the photo albums for my little one.

  18. // Reply

    With photos & videos on my phone @ mo 🙂

  19. // Reply

    Scrapbook, Photo’s and Diary

  20. // Reply

    I have a journal marking progress xx

  21. // Reply

    No baby yet, hopefully soon. Such a lovely idea and giveaway. Thank you for the chance xxx

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    Photographs have been our family’s way of recording and sharing milestones etc. Unfortunately some of the younger generation though they take photographs :- Often they remain on the technical devices i.e. computer, mobile etc. Thankfully my Mum a Great – Gran gets some photographs of her Great Grandson via his Grandparents. It is so nice to have photographs to hand around and put on display. As the children are loved by generations of family.

    I do think these milestone cards may encourage producing a memorable record for many to enjoy. We do so like to Celebrate Child Development etc.

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    I used to use a chart my daughter uses a white board

  24. // Reply

    Just taking photos on my phone

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