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Transitioning from a bedside crib to a cot

Since Alby has been born we have used the Knuma Huddle bedside crib of a night-time . It really has made the nights so much easier . I can honestly say I have had very few nights where I haven’t had a decent amount of sleep. If I need to see to him in the night it’s been easy as his right next to me.

Knuma huddle bedside crib

Sadly the time has come to convert the huddle from the bedside crib to the desk and chairs . I say sadly it’s kind of bitter-sweet. I’m looking forward to using it as a desk and bench but then I’m going to miss having Alby next to me at night.

Transitioning from a bedside crib to a cot

It really has taken some getting used to not having him next to me at night . I’m missing having him next to me more than I thought I would . I’m finding it’s taking me longer to fall asleep at night . As I’m listening out for him more .

I also lie there thinking what’s the betting if I fall asleep he will wake up and I will have to get up anyway. I can find myself lying there for at least an hour .

As the week has gone on I have found it’s getting easier not having him next to me . That sounds so sad it’s not that I cannot bear to be without him it’s just that I’m so used to having him there . Unlike when Ava was little I have found his little noises whilst he sleeps quite comforting . It’s nice to know his there . When Ava was little I moved her into her own room really early because I couldn’t stand listening to her breathing heavily and making noises in her sleep . I know that sounds really bad but these noises used to keep me awake along with Jordan’s snoring I was getting very little sleep.

How Alby found transitioning from the bedside crib the his cot

The last week transitioning from the Knuma Huddle to the cot has been hard . I have been very tired and it’s took Alby some time to get used to it . The first thing I have found is that he really doesn’t know what to do with all the space . He rolls and rolls around in his sleep . Which can wake him up .He then looses his dummy and blanket which can wake him up. He is woken up by noises which he wasn’t before . He has become a lighter sleeper for sure .

I think he misses me I know that probably sounds really silly but think about it for the last 8 months he has fallen asleep looking at me . If he woke in the night I am next to him . Or if he just opens his eyes to find his dummy I am there . Before the transition to his cot I was getting a full nights sleep this last week I haven’t it’s like having a new born again .

I’m having to sit in his room whilst he has his milk . Which I haven’t had to do before I would normally use this time to give the upstairs a tidy .

I now have to sit with him until he falls asleep otherwise he will scream and scream . His not one of those kids you can leave to calm down . As he just doesn’t calm down . I used to be downstairs watching telly at 7.10 with both kids fast asleep . Now I’m lucky if I’m downstairs at 8 . It takes him so much longer to fall to sleep .

Transitioning from a bedside crib to a cot

It also doesn’t help that at the same time as using moving him to his cot . His learnt to climb and stand up holding onto the bars. Which means I’m ;

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