I’m going to do it : back to university

As some of you may have read previously. During the summer I graduated from my foundation year of university . I still cannot believe that I actually graduated. It wasn’t an easy ride with being both pregnant and then having a newborn , but I did it ! ( pats self on back )


During the summer I then had to  decide if I wanted to go back and complete my last year. All different thoughts were running through my mind . The main one being can I do this !. This time round I have a child on the move that can sense when I’m getting my laptop out . I’m sure she has a 6th sense for it .She will ever poo or have a mental breakdown . Also my brain is slowly turning into a mush of nursery rhymes and Peppa pig . So will my brain even be able to cope with it all.

The decision I came to is to grow a pair and get on with it . Go back and complete my final year. I have a great support network around me and as long as I use them I will be fine.

Once a week now I attend university for four hours . Whilst Ava goes and causes havoc at my mom’s house . It’s been so nice to be me again  and use my brain . It wasn’t as bad as I thought it wasn’t going to be . I have remembered a lot more than I thought I would . Thankfully I haven’t forgotten Harvard referencing . If you have ever had to do this you will understand what a complete and  utter ball ache it is.


I have even managed to have adult conversations that don’t involve children . I got to have a costa and a cake all to myself . Now I cannot remember the last time this happened . Normally Ava is evil eyeing me till I give her some.

I have told myself I need to be ultra organised with my time . Which so far so good, I have been able to complete tasks set for us to do at home . I don’t mean doing them on the way to uni like I used to . I have actually been well prepared !. How long it will last I’m not sure but so far so good.

Now I’m off to write a complaint email regarding parking permits !, they want me to pay £55 for the year . The joke of it all your not even guaranteed a space !. 

Im going back to university as a mom of one can it work ? #parenting #univeristy #higereducation #education #student

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  1. Best of luck! It’s such a challenge (I did my second year pregnant and my third year with a baby – somehow graduated with a 1st!) but SO rewarding! Time management is your friend haha!

    1. Wow that’s amazing . Yes time management will become my new best friend !! X

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