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The Pokemon craze is back !

Many of you may remember collecting pokemon cards when you were younger , swopping them with your friends. The moment  you got a shiny one it was like the best thing ever !!.

It then transformed into a game that you could play on your Game Boy. You could spend hours getting lost in the game , doing things to make your Pokemon evolve and buying all sorts of things .


Well recently you may have noticed that the Pokemon craze has come back .  Pokemon go allows you to capture pockemon and battle all within the real world ,Using landmarks as gyms.

My partner has got this new game and to be honest it is quite funny to see what random Pokemon we may see on our travels . It’s also encourged him to walk more as the more you walk it makes them evolve ( or something like that I don’t really understand it !).

I have however just seen on the news that they think people may use the new game to gage where children may be . This does scare me a little as some nasty people may use this to their advantage . I think this is a good time to make sure we are educating our children on stranger danger . I’m not saying don’t let them play the game but just to be aware of a situation that may or may not occur !.

A Cornish Mum


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