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A letter to Ava

Dear my princess,

Just incase you ever stumble upon my blog in the future I wanted to let you know why I have written all these things about you for all to read.

Being a new mommy can be a lonely place and one day you will find that out (or may already know depending on when you have stumbled upon this ). This blog to start with was a place where mommy could connect with other people ! . It gave me another purpose in life not that being your Mommy isn’t more than enough it was just somewhere that I could be me !( you will also understand this when you have your own children).

As I have got more and more involved with my blog I have written more about us and what we have been up to and the struggles we may have faced and also the high five moments when things were going really well. Wait until your 18th birthday when some of these stories will be told to embarrass you ( all parents do this !).

This blog has also been a place where I have learnt so much about being a mommy and different techniques and strategies to try . We have been so lucky to be sent some amazing products to try and for that I am so grateful and you have really been spoilt with all these amazing things .

I hope reading this back is not to cringe for you and I just wanted to thank you for being the best baby a mommy could of ever wished for . Your always laughing and smiling and best of all you have given me the gift of sleep which I know many mommys don’t get so thank you.

Love you always
P.s there may be more letters like this so keep looking through 😌

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