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Babies just know ! 

I’m sure it’s not just me but Ava just knows when I’m in a rush and need to leave the house or when I want an early night cause she either does a poo explosion or just won’t settle. Babies just know how to stress you out !

babies know how to stress you out
Yes granted she does look very cute in this photo If I do say so myself . What was lurking underneath the clothes was not so cute . This is now a regular accurance I go to put her in the car seat to go out and the smell just hits you . Or on a really unlucky day the poo has gone through two layers of clothes and is now on your hands !! ( how she manages that I will never know .

The jumperoo I have a love hate relationship with this piece of equipment . It’s perfect to put Ava In when I’m running around the house trying to find all the things we need to go out . It just seems that Ava waits till she is jumping for her life to do a poo well you can imagine the mess !!. She also seems to be very good at doing these explosions when the washing basket is empty ( not that that happens a lot) . Do i put it in the wash by it self or stand there hand washing it. The amount of time i have stood there for ages hand washing and the stain still doesnt come out !!

babies dont want you to sleep im sure
Ava’s new thing at the moment which can be slightly frustrating is being sound asleep ,I mean the dog would bark and she wouldn’t wake up . I put my pj’s on close my eyes for a second and she wakes up !!. No matter how quite I am she just knows I am wanting to go to sleep . I mean why she couldn’t just let me have an hour I will never know .

I’m sure she knows the sound of the kettle as well I boil the kettle make a drink and sit down and she has the worlds biggest breakdown . Which ends up with her falling to sleep on me pinning me to the sofa , as each time I move she would wake up. Meaning that nice hot drink I made is now Cold . Do I drink it Cold ,reheat the drink or just give up and not bother having a hot drink again!.

I’m also in the process of doing a university course. So at points in the day i try and get some work done so I’m not doing it late at night. She will be sound asleep i open my laptop write a few words. Then she will have the biggest breakdown ever. So i end up doing my work late at night. Which results in me having no me time , going to bed late and having 10 minutes before she is up before her next bottle !

Babies just knows it’s like they have a 6th sense to mentally torture you .To hit you at them moments when your running around all ready 15 minutes late and hot and bothered. Or when you are trying to recover from the day that has been with some sleep be it only an hour ! .

Babies just know when you want to do something why is this ? #parenting #babies #6thsense

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