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Baby brain problems 

When your pregnant if your anything like me my brain seemed to change completely . I was always really good at remembering things and retaining information . But as soon as I got pregnant that seemed to change . I would have list after list at work reminding me things that I had to do !. I found i would muddle my words up or sometimes completely forget the word I was trying to say !! ( this was one of my tell tale signs I was pregnant ).

My memory now is still really bad I have to set alarms to remind me to do things . Just yesterday I had a big baby brain moment . Whilst in Asda at the self service I had paid for all my shopping put some of it under the pushchair and a pizza on the self service till to carry . Well I forgot that I had put it there and just walked off without it . It wasn’t till I was nearly half way to my friends house that I remembered that I hadn’t picked it up . So I had to drive back to get it , thankfully the Asda costumer service team were really helpful and got me another pizza . (Thank god I may have cried if they didn’t ).

I have found my way around tackling my new baby brain moments is routine especially when going out doing the same thing each time to make sure I don’t forget anything !. If I’m this forgetful with one baby what will I be like if I have more 🙈.

This baby brain isn’t doing me too bad thought as i finished my last year of my foundation degree and I passed it all !!! ( whoop whoop ). So it’s not all bad .

Is this just me or do you experience baby brain moments ?.

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