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10 things I’m going to make sure I do now I’m back at work

A week today i will be returning back to work . I finished Work for maternity leave at the end of November 2017. So I have had 9 lovely months of with the kids. In this time Ava has grown up so much she has gone from this little baby to a sassy girl. She has me crying with laugher she is just so funny. She has been such an amazing big sister to Alby giving him cuddles and kisses and in recent months playing with him.

Transitioning from a bedside crib to a cot

The last time I was at work I only had me and Ava to get out the house. I didn’t find it too difficult as most days she would wake up moments before we had to leave. So I had time to get myself sorted make sure we had everything we needed for the day. This time around I have two kids to get ready Alby is up most mornings from 6 so I know I will at least have him to contend with whilst I’m getting ready.

I thought it might be helpful to write or type even some things down that I want to make sure I do. This is probably a really random list but if you’re a working parent you will probably relate to some of them. I always find if I get things down I’m more likely to do them. Especially if I share them with you I will be more motivated to stick to them.

10 things I’m going to stick to now I’m going back to work

  • Be organised– I think the key to me getting out the house on time with everything I need is to be organised. So I’m going to make sure that I have everything ready the night before. This includes what I’m going to wear to work. Not having a uniform means every morning I have that look in my wardrobe and think what do I wear today. So I’m going to get my clothes out ready each morning and not change my mind. As this is what I used to do and it used up a lot of my time in the mornings. I’m also going to get the children’s clothes ready. They will have uniform tops so its only finding trousers for them to wear so that’s not too bad.
  • Eat healthy– This one goes hand in hand with being organised really. When I was last at work I was in the nursery office which was over the road from a shop. So most days I would buy my lunch from the shop. It wouldn’t be the most healthiest lunch either. So I’m going to make sure that I make my lunches at home and make sure they are healthier and also save me some money.
  • Be present– Now this one wont relate to a lot of people but the nursery my kids will go to is the company I work for. So I know what’s going on behind the scenes. I will be contacting the staff throughout the day with all different type of things. I used to find when I picked Ava up I wouldn’t take my work hat off. So I would still be answering questions and sorting things out when I should be having a hand over with the staff. So I’m going to make sure this time when I pick the kids up I’m their parent not someone who works for the company. Take in what they have been up to and be present.
  • Make the most of my days off– So I will be going to work for three days a week. I’m going to make sure every moment I have with them is doing something nice. I don’t mean going out for big days out but just having quality time together. Put my phone down and put my all into them.
  • Switch off from work– I am one to do work when I’m not at work even if it’s late at night. I used to schedule phone calls in for days I wasn’t at work to please others. This time around this isn’t going to happen I work three days a week and that’s it. I wont be working late at home to get things done. They will just have to wait until I’m next in. I’m also not going to have the email app on my phone. So I don’t see my emails on the days I’m not at work. As I used to answer my emails on my days off which always led on to me having to do something or call someone to sort something out.
  • Meal plan– I used to be so good at meal planning but since Alby arrived I kind of got really laid back with it. This has led to me not having tea some nights as I’m focused on getting the children sorted. Or calling for a take away which really isn’t doing me any good. I have noticed recently I have put some weight on so meal planning is only going to help get back to eating healthier and lose some weight.
  • Put some time aside for me– Now I’m rubbish at this one I always have been. With working and having two kids to sort and look after. I feel like I’m going to need some self-care. Be it doing a face mask every now and again, going out with friends or having my hair cut. I’m going to do it I need to do it to keep myself on top of my game.
  • Get to bed early– Now this may be something you say to your kids but I really need to do it myself. I get myself so into what I’m doing be it writing blog posts or watching some telly that the time slips away from me. If Alby continues to not sleep I need to make sure that I get to bed earlier so at least I know I will get a few good hours. Going to work tired is no good I have a lot of responsibility at work and I need to make sure that I’m at the top of my game. Also I have been finding I’m less tolerant at the moment with the kids because I’m so tired. So getting an earlier night will make for a happier mommy on the days I’m at home.
  • Take off my mommy hat– Even thought it may not seem like it I do worry a lot about the kids. I’m so nervous about Alby going to nursery. He is all Mommy and I know he gets upset when I’m not around. Ava was never like this so I’m finding it really hard to deal with. I need to though remember when I’m at work I’m there to work not to worry about the kids. They are going to nurseries I love .I mean I work there so I know all that there is to know about them .I’m still choosing to send the kids there. I need to put my trust in the staff and remember that they will be okay and its only for a few hours then I will go and get them.

Hopefully sticking to these will make thing better. Life will be balanced I will be the best version of me at work.Also the best parent I can possibly be.

back to work after maternity leave

Do you relate to any of these ? Do you think there is anything I have missed that I should take into consideration?

Being a working parent can be hard. Especially when you work part time its finding the right balance.Here are 10 things im going to make sure I do to get a better balance #selfcare #worklifebalance #workingmom #workingparent #backtowork #maternityleave #goals #parenting

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