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Student, mom, career minded woman you can be it all

I remember when I started university I was adamant I was going to wait till I had finished the course to have children. I didn’t think I could be both a mom and a student ! How wrong I was but things happen for a reason right!

As I had to have a C-section my return to university was a lot later than I wanted giving me 5 weeks to learn the subject area and write an assignment on it !!( stressed is the word).There has been times when I’m writing my assignment on a really good flow then Ava decides to have the biggest break down ever ( almost as if the world is going to end) I settle her down look at my laptop and think what the hell was I writing about !! I really wanted to be a good student and a good mom.

It hasn’t been easy at all but wouldn’t change it for the world I am nearly finished my foundation degree and hoping to go on to my top up year. I want to show my daughter that you can do what ever you want  as long as you put your mind to it. I mean at times there was points when I thought forget it what the point but with the support of my family and Jordan I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Being a mom and a student being a mom and a student

Since first writing this I have gone on to finish my foundation degree. I then got pregnant again and also finished my top up year. I often think to myself I really dont know how I did it all. Children are hard work let alone having two small children, a house to run and a degree to finish.

The main thing that kept me going was that I wanted to show my children that they can do what ever they want to do. As long as they put their mind to it. Being a mom hasn’t stopped me from doing anything that I wanted to do. In fact it gave me the drive to do more, to be better.

I also think about what will I do when they go to school. I will not be one of those moms that never goes to back to work. I have worked both full time and part time whilst having my children. I want to know that once they are old enough to be at school. I can have a career to jump back into . Having a qualification proves that I’m dedicated and hard working. So even if I dont go and do childcare at least an employer can see that im hard working. Especially if they know I had two children whilst completing the course.

I suppose what I want to say is that you can be a mom, a student, a work woman. You can be anything you want to be.

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