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Being overdue is horrid , why do they say pregnancy is 40 weeks long !

Whenever you think about being pregnant you think about after 9 long months you will have a baby. What no one really tells you is in fact most of the time it’s  longer than 9 months. In fact many first time moms go overdue. With Ava I went overdue , I went as long as they would let me go and it still resulted in a c section because of one thing or another.

Being overdue yes it's all worth it but gosh it's annoying

Everyday you wake up and still no baby . It’s horrid, I know people may think what’s a few more days matter but the truth is when you have 9 months in your head. When those 9 months are up you just want to have that new baby in your arms.

I remember every night from around 39 weeks pregnant I would get twinges with Ava .I would get my mind prepared that I was going to have this baby tonight . I would go to bed wake up and nope nothing had happened. It really started to get me down if I’m honest.

Everyday I would get texts from family and friends asking if she was here . Now this has got to be the most annoying thing ever . I’m sorry but don’t they think if she had arrived I would have messaged them to say. Why would I wait for their text to tell

I’m now getting closer to the end I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and all
I can think about is will I go over again. This time it’s going to be so much harder to go to the hospital as much as I did last time for false starts . As I have Ava to think about. Also I just don’t want to be pregnant anymore if I’m honest .

It’s not that I don’t like being pregnant it’s just I’m tired . I want my body back , I want to be comfortable. I want to have some sleep I think I had more sleep with Ava as a newborn then I do at the moment . The biggest thing of all I want to be able
to eat what I want and not get heartburn after it.

Pregnancy being overdue

Well all I can do is wait and see what happens . Please pray for me that I won’t go over and that things will all go to plan. Only 11 more weeks to go hopefully I cannot wait to meet him.

Being overdue is an emotional rollercoaster ride

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