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You know Your a parent when 

I have been thinking today about how much my life has changed since Ava has come along . It’s crazy in just under 5 months how our lives have changed .I think the changes that have  happened are the changes that you know you have become a parent .

First of all I cannot remember a time when I had clothes on that at some point didn’t have sick on. When I first had Ava I would change them straight away , but pretty quickly realised that there is just no point . Baby wipes have become my new best friend , what parent doesn’t freshen up their clothes with a baby wipe !! .

clothes coverd in anything now your a parent

Sick down my leg just before we go out thanks to Ava.

I now have a really good social life between the hours of 9-4 we don’t stop but if someone asks if we want to go out for something to eat and its later than 4 it’s a no go . I mean it takes long enough to get into a good bedtime routine and the thought of ruining it for a meal out , It’s just not going to happen . I think this is the hardest change for people who don’t have children to understand .
I cannot remember the last time I got to watch a whole tv programme without an interruption . Either  because Ava’s awake when she is meant to be asleep or because I cannot hear the tv over the noise of her jumperoo.

Or the last time I had a shower or go to the toilet in peace . I mean a shower these days are that quick if it was an Olympic sport I would have been awarded a gold medal.

I also cannot remember the last time the washing machine wasn’t going or waiting to be loaded . Or when I didn’t have washing that needed to be put away or ironed !!. It mad to think how much washing one little girl can make I thank the daily poonami for that .

as a parent the washing machine doesnt stop



I have also found at home hot chocolate is the drink to have . As if I don’t get chance to drink it or even forget that i have made it . Then this can be drank cold just tastes like chocolate milk !!.

Lastly now being a mommy a nice gentle wake to the morning is off the cards . I’m normally woken by Ava crying or by her shouting down the monitor . This then starts the mega morning routine of getting her ready , bottles ready and sterilising everything . Plus sorting the dog out .

I wouldn’t change any of the above I love being parent of the parent club . I’m sure there will be more signs along the way which scream out that I’m part of this parent club .

Thinking about it without knowing it our puppy Kya prepared us really well for being parents. As most of the above happened when we had her but I just didn’t realise it.

being a parent

There are cetain tell tale signs that your a parent. Can you relate to any of these ? #parenting #children #lifechanging


  • blabbermama

    These signs definitely ring true to me. The daily struggle to shower, the clothes smelling suspiciously like ‘wipes’ and the unbelievable amount of poonami that can come out of such a little person. It’s all about the routine. #stayclassy

  • Mrs T

    I remember the jumperoo – drove me nuts! My youngest H used to crash out fast asleep in it.

    You have summed up the early days of motherhood really well! #stayclassy x

  • The Mum Project

    Yes, yes and YES. The laundry is a major issue in our house because neither of us want to do it….ever. But there are loads and loads every day. On top of this, our washing machine broke so it piled up pretty badly and we are still recovering lol. I LOVE hot chocolate, it is THE best. I agree on the bed time routine, I think it really helps him get to sleep. : ) Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy!

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