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My body confidence is at an all time low – A mom of two kids

My body confidence is at an all time low. I have never been one to completely love my body. But having two kids has really made me not like the way I look at all. I look down and I don’t see anything I like. I’m not saying I’m overweight I’m just not happy with how I look. I see so many moms over social media totally embracing and loving their new bodies. This can just make you feel worse. I’m not on about size 6 moms that snapped back into shape after two weeks of having a baby. Just your average mom that just loves their body. I just wish I was like them just happy with how I look but I’m just not.

I have never really looked at myself and think gosh I look good even before having children. I have always been pair shaped meaning I have wide hips. It makes it so hard to find trousers that fit properly. Their either way too tight . Or I have to go up a size and they are huge around the waist but fit the tops of my legs. Now I know people are reading this and thinking gosh don’t be so stupid or how self-indulgent. But when you just don’t feel nice it’s really hard.

Any mom that has had a C-section will tell you that your body will just never be the same again. Between your scar and your bits is like a pouch. A pouch of chub that is impossible to lose. A pouch of Chub that just makes me feel horrid about my belly. I want to be able to look at my scar and feel proud that I successfully had two babies. At the moment I just feel frumpy and fed up.

Every morning I look at the clothes in my wardrobe and I don’t feel confident in any of them. I still wear a lot of clothes I had when I was pregnant as they hide the bits I don’t want people to see. I’m not sure if this is the problem as when I was pregnant I was probably the most body confident I have ever been . I put these clothes on now and I just fell crappy.

Then I look at my at my skin and it just makes me so sad. I have battled with my skin for many of years now. I still get spots as if I was a teenager they become very red and sore. I’m not the worlds best person to hide them with makeup either so I always think people are looking at how bad my skin is. I also have really dark circles around my eyes. This again is something I had before having children so I know it’s not down the lack of sleep. Although I ;

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