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My caesarean recovery : the second time around

You may have seen not so long ago I had an emergency caesarean. Along with this I also had a very painful abscess lanced so I am currently over coming two different operations. Let me just start by saying I’m really not one to take any pain killers I would rather sleep it off. Or carry on with life and just hope that the pain will go away.

First of all lets talk about my caesarean recovery .As that’s probably the nicer one of the two to talk about. People will tell you all sorts of horror stories about caesarean that you are in so much pain afterwards and that your unable to move. Well for me this is a load of rubbish. This is my second caesarean and both of them I have bounced back pretty quickly. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a pain-free road to recovery but it’s not as bad as people make out.

What I learnt from my first section is. The more you sit still and not move the more it hurts. So I did get active pretty quickly, I don’t mean going for a jog around the hospital but I made sure I moved. I tried not to sit in one position for a long period of time. I would go from the chair to the bed altering positions all the time. This way my body didn’t seize up and I was able to move. I also made a point of going to get myself cups of tea during the day as this got me moving also .

Since coming home I have found that I have been able to move around pretty much pain free. I have been doing some jobs around the house to keep myself moving. I have been having breaks in-between and have also been taking it easy. But I haven’t been milking it I have stayed active and have done things for myself.

The main reason I have done this is because I wanted to be able to still do things with Ava and to be able to look after Alby. I remember after having Ava I found it hard to move as I just sat on the sofa. So when it came to bathing her I wasn’t able to do it and this really upset me. I was determined this wasn’t going to happen again. and to be honest it hasn’t it hasn’t stopped me from doing anything. I just have to make sure I’m extra careful and not do too much.

Recovering from a caesarean

The worst part about the recovery is all the drugs I have to take. 4 times I day I feel like a right pill popper. making little piles of tablets to take. I even know of by heart know how many of what tablet I have to take and at what times without looking at the box. I also have to have clexaine injections in my tummy this is to help stop blood clots. Now this is something I couldn’t do myself so each night Jordan has the job of doing it. Its something I hate I get really nervous before hand and I’m not even the one doing the injections .So god knows how Jordan is feeling.

My caesarean recovery

Now with the Abscess they drained all the nastiness out of it and put a dressing on .This dressing has to be changed daily by a nurse. Which is annoying as they are unable to tell us what time they are coming. So we have to sit in the house just incase. The other day a nurse came whilst we had visitors and I had to go upstairs so she could see to me. Basically everyday I have to show a stranger my bum .I mean it’s not the most attractive thing to do. Whilst they talk to me about the snow were having or just generally chit-chat . I think they do this so it doesn’t feel awkward but for some reason it makes it worse.

All in all it’s not been to bad of a road to recovery. I will be grateful when all the medication has stopped and I’m completely pain-free. But all in all I’m really happy with my caesarean recovery.

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