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A little bit of what she likes isn’t harming Ava 

Since Ava started to wean I have pretty much let her have what ever she wanted . She has even been known to have her pudding before her main meal ( bad mommy I know !)

childrens eating habbits
Growing up I was a rubbish eater and to be honest I’m not much better now. I had a diet of cheese sandwiches and chicken nuggets. I remember when I started middle school my mom would give me some dinner money . This dinner money never really got spent on food at school . Instead I would buy junk from the shops (sorry mom !) . We never had junk food like chocolate or fizzy pop at home growing up . So whenever I had the chance to indulge in it I would .

childrens eating habbits

This is one of the reasons I let Ava have what ever she wants ( Within reason don’t worry !). 9/10 if I was to show her a piece of melon and cake she would pick the melon. So it must be working . I’m wanting to normalise the junk food the treats so that she doesn’t feel the need for them . Now I know many of you are probably sitting there shaking your heads thinking what the hell . But how many of you have seen kids stuffing chocolate down them like they are going out of date . This is what I’m trying to stop . I don’t want Ava to be that kid at the party who only wants the treats because she isn’t normally allowed them . Or to get into her teenage years and hide the fact she is eating them .

This was me as a kid with fizzy pop and as an adult I still consume way to much fizzy pop. I put this down to a small rebellion towards my parents . Like me sticking my fingers up to their rules .This may sound stupid but going to the shops and buying all this junk was the start of my rebellion stage.

childrens eating habbits
Of course when Ava is older I will have to keep a closer eye on what she is eating . I am hoping that she wants to take up an active hobby . So she will get the exercise she needs to balance it all out .

This doesn’t mean though that I won’t make sure she has her 5 a day or make sure she has healthy options to eat .Personally I think everything in small doses is ok . She has such a ;


  • Amy

    I have a similar philosophy towards food. It hasn’t really worked for us tbh, I know my kids have too much sugar, they aren’t over weight but I worry for their teeth, so have started cutting them back.

    • admin

      Yes teeth are a worry , I do limit the amount of raisins she has as they are really bad for your teeth . Glad I’m not the only only one doing it this way ! X

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