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Chinese new year craft dragon for children to enjoy

Whilst most people are thinking about Christmas. We have been thinking about Chinese new year. As this months Bostik blogger post is all about Chinese new year. We decided to make a paper dragon as when I think about Chinese new year I think about the beautifully decorated dragons that dance around. Did you know that it is believed performing the dragon dance scares away evil spirits and all the bad luck associated with them, and brings in good luck and wealth instead. I know I could do with some good luck and a little bit of wealth so hopefully our paper dragon will bring us the same luck.

You will need

  • Different coloured paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue
  • Glu Dots
  • sequins to decorate 

How to make your Chinese dragon 

To start with you will need to cut strips of paper or card. This will later be made into the body of the dragon. 

 To make your paper Chinese dragon you will need to cut strips of paper or card

Once you have enough strips of paper to make a long enough body you will need to link them together to make the body. I did this by making a paper chain. To do this you will need to secure both ends of on strip of paper together using a Glu dot. Then thread a piece of paper through the link and attached the ends again. You will need to keep on doing this until you have a long enough dragons body.

Paper Garland Chinese dragon body

Now it’s time to make the dragons head. We did this by folding a piece of A4 in half. From the fold line you need to cut a semi circle. To make the dragons head. We then stuck some sequins on for eyes and tore some tissue paper into strips and glued in in the inside of the mouth to make it look like it was breathing fire.

adding eyes to our paper Chinese dragon

Ava then decided she wanted to decorate her dragon some more and added some more sequins and tissue paper to the dragons body.

Chinese Dragon craft

There you have it a paper Chinese dragon to celebrate Chinese new year with . If your one for forward planning why not check out our Valentines craft post.

This Chinese paper dragon is a fantasic activity for children to do to celebrate Chinese new year. Young ones may need some assistance cutting the paper strips to create the body. #Paperdragon #Chinesenewyear #newyear #Chinesedragon #tomake #easy #forkids #eyfs #crafts #China #Newyearsparty #kidscrafts #fun #activties #children #dragon
*We were sent a box of craft materials from craft merrily as part of being a Tots 100 Bostik blogger*

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