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What is Colic ? 

So as you may have see I have recently reviewed the MAM   Anti colic bottles. So this got me thinking what is Colic exactly?. I know a lot of babies get it. You will probably hear many moms talking about it but what is colic ?

So after some research I found that it hasn’t been put down to one certain factor . They suggest that its your babies immature digestive system getting used to the formular milk, trapped wind or temparary gut sensitivity.  Thankfully most children grow out of it by the age of 4 Months and at the latest 6 months.

How do I know if my baby has colic ?

  • Long  intense periods of crying ,
  • Crying in the late afternoon or evening for a prolonged time,
  • Your little one is drawing their knees up to their tummy or arching their back whilst crying.

How can I help my little one ?

  • Make sure that babies don’t gasp large amounts of air whilst feeding,
  • Burping your baby,
  • Gently rocking your baby over you shoulder or knee.
  • Genially massage their tummy,
  • Give them a big cuddle Until it passes,
  • I also found swaddling really soothed Ava and still does now when she is upset .

It can be horrid to watch your little one in pain with colic . There are however something you can do to soothe their pains #colic #baby #parenting #relief #remedies #tips #symptoms

Please remember that colic is quite common and you have done nothing wrong . If you need help and advise for a baby that has colic be sure to talk to your health visitor or GP.

Some babies may need to change their formula or need some drops to help reduce their symptoms . Please make sure be before doing this you speak to either your GP or health visitor.

Have you got a baby with colic what do you find works best for them ? i would love you to let me know.

colic what is it and how can i soothe a baby with colic ? #colic #babies #feeding


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