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It’s cool now to be Ginger 

Growing up I had a few friends who were red heads or ginger as may people refer to it as. I watched the struggles they went through with bullying purely based on their hair colouring . As If someone’s hair colour is a reason to be horrid to them . Names like carrot head and ginger pubes would be thrown their way a lot. Even when they hadn’t done nothing to deserve being called names. I remember walking home from school with my friend and people we didn’t even know shouting these names at her.

It then came to a point that people with red hair accepted being called these names . Just to get through the day laughing it off as if it wasn’t hurting them . Then came along people like Ed Sheeran who made being ginger cool . People started to dye their hair ginger so they were the same . The world is such a bizarre place . I suppose celebrities have such an influence on people . I say people as it’s not always children that can name call.

Like most people when they are pregnant they start to think about what their unborn child will look like . I had this sudden worry of what if she is ginger . As a large number of both of mine and Jordan’s family are red heads. I knew it was a thing of the past to get bullied about having ginger hair . Well I really do hope it is , but what about if she did get picked on because of it .

As her hair started to come through I could see she was a redhead . To start with I was a little upset. Not because of the actual hair colour but because I didn’t want her to be a victim of bullying because of it . Many of you reading this will think how pathetic but as I have seen first hand the experiences some red heads can go through . I was worrying about her having to go through these situations.

I have spoken to many people who have red hair and have told me . Make sure she never dyes her hair she will regret it like they do . Make sure she embraces it and to never let anyone put her down for having red hair.

The longer her hair has got the more I can see her hair colour . I now am in love with it . She is lucky to have such an amazing hair colour . Not a nothing colour like mine . Which I have to spend money on to make it look nice.

I want to make sure she embraces her hair colour and never lets anyone pick on her because of it . I’m hoping the world has stopped being pathetic and letting someone’s hair colour determine if they should be accepted.


  • Emma Island Living 365

    Awww, she is beautiful and has such a cute, cheeky smile. I was one of those people that used to dye their hair red and ginger when they were younger and still do now. I just love the hair colour and think it is beautiful. I really would have loved to have been born ginger and I never understood friends who wanted to dye their natural ginger hair brown. I think the world has changed and I hope that your daughter grows up knowing how lucky she is to have such a lovely hair colour and that she is proud #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Kelly

    Her hair is beautiful! I’m so jealous. I’m sure times have changed and she won’t get picked on. And if she does, at least she’ll have had positive messages from you and will have the strength to tell them they are idiots and not listen. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Becky Clark

    I can relate to your post so much, not personally but my dad and two of my brothers have very bright red hair. My natural colour is an auburn brown (which I loved until I started going grey!) like my mum. Growing up they were constantly in fights at school and had a hard time mainly because of the colour of their hair. Although it certainly didn’t help that they were two feisty boys who would be out looking for trouble most of time!
    When I was pregnant I too had that little worry. With red hair running in our family I knew it was always a possibility. When Rory was born his hair was nearly black, I was shocked to say the least! It’s now gone a lot lighter so I think he’ll have the same hair as his dad (before all his fell out).
    Regardless of your daughters hair colour she is beautiful (sure I don’t need to tell you that) and as far as I’m concerned her hair just gives her the edge. It makes her that little bit more special and will help her stand out from the crowd!

  • suzie

    People can be so cruel. I sincerely hope your daughter never encounters such stupidity and that she embraces her gorgeous colouring … and keeps her cute cheeky smile.

  • daydreamer mum

    Aaaaww what a great post! As a fellow redhead who spend the whole of her childhood /teenage years saying “it’s not ginger, it is auburn” I’ve noticed a real shift. Red really is quite cool these days!! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Bridie By The Sea

    Brilliant post – I come from Irish heritage and my daughter has beautiful dark brown hair with ginger streaks that shine in the sun. It’s a beautiful colour and it always baffles me why there is a stigma with ginger hair. It was a form of bullying when I was at school and I’m so pleased times are changing. Thanks for co-hosting #fortheloveofBLOG

    • admin

      Wow her hair colour sounds amazing . I don’t even understand why it would be a reason to bully someone !! Thankfully times haves changed #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Fiona Cambouropoulos

    Yay to red heads! I’m a red head and was teased as a child, now in my 40s I dye my hair back to its original colour! Non of my 6 kids have my hair but I was thrilled to see my older boys start to grow a beard and yes, it is ginger! I hope your daughter comes to love her red hair as I did – eventually! #fortheloveofBLOG

    • admin

      I wish I had red hair it’s a lovely colour . Ava got her colouring from my dad so maybe your children will pass it on !! Long live redheads !! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Lucy | Leaning In

    I don’t think it is pathetic at all. I went through the same feelings with my daughter! Her hair is strawberry blonde (like mine) and while I hated it myself growing up, I love it on her and I hope that she grows to love it too. #FOrTheLoveOfBlog

    • admin

      That’s my wish too that Ava’s loves it ! I wish I had inherited red hair mine is such a nondescript colour ! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Anna

    Your baby has beautiful hair! I hope she never has to endure bullying because of it. I hope that people are better than they used to be. I hope she embraces what she has been blessed with. Many people today pay a fortune for red hair #fortheloveofblog

    • admin

      Thank you for such kind words . I know some people pay loads to have red hair now back when I was younger really wasn’t the case . Thank god times have changed #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Angela Watling

    She is absolutely gorgeous and her hair colour is beautiful! People of all ages will always find something to bully others for if they want; there are some people who just delight in bringing misery to others. But you’re right that if you teach her to embrace her hair then even if people try to use it as a thing to bully her about, she’ll shrug it off. My sister has ginger hair. We always said it made her who she was. She was never bullied about it. Or if she was, it never got to her. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Kelly Edwards

    My niece is 7 and has bright red hair – she’s in fact the spitting image of Merida from Brave. Her hair is long and flowing red and curly and is constantly complemented when she goes out by adults. The other week a boy in her class told her she had horrible hair. She could have taken it to heart, but instead she simply said “No I don’t, I have beautiful hair. I’m complemented nearly every day on my hair, are you?” Could not have been prouder to hear that moment and I hope it goes to show that there’s a lot of pride that can come with having ginger hair. 🙂 x #fortheloveofblog

  • Lucy Grace

    I speak as a mum and a professional hairdresser when I say that you most certainly should get your daughter to embrace her hair colour as it is simply beautiful. Red heads always have gorgeously thick, shiny, healthy hair and I really believe they usually receive ridicule because people are simply jealous. I have red head friends who take pride in their hair colour and bat off the few small minded comments that some idiots still make to them. One great thing about a redhead is that they usually have a fiery temperament to go with the hair, and that always helps their resilience against the discrimination. #fortheloveofBLOG

    • admin

      Yes my friednds with red hair have a fiery temperament for sure . I can allready see her hair is going to be think which I’m glad for as mine is so thin !! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Alice Soule

    So many fantastic red haired role models these days, it certainly a bad thing to have. I think red hair is gorgeous, it can be so unique. We are defined by so many unimportant things in the world, so we should be embracing our characteristics rather than worrying about them #fortheloveofblog x

  • Nadine

    Aww so cute! I’m a red head (strawberry blonde) but I dye it and have done since I was 14. I started dyeing it because even though nobody ever made comments to me, it was the stigma attached. Although, I do think it’s less of an issue in schools these days and as you say, it’s become more popular to be a redhead. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Kat

    Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous smile and yes gorgeous red hair. My daughter is a strawberry red and I love it and don’t want t it to change. I too will teach her to be proud of how she looks. With people like Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine around red is definitely the new cool shade xx #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Nicola

    Hallelujah! My stepson (now 18) and my son (12) are both gingers (they both use this term proudly) and they are both so happy to have their red hair. It absolutely defines who they are – clever, artistic and beautiful boys. They have both been bullied because of their hair but we have taught them to retaliate with a witty come back and they are soon left alone. They know that as soon as people see that what they say bothers them that they will only use that to their advantage so they both just laugh it off. When my 12 year old went up to middle school in year 5 they put all the children with ginger hair (there were 5 of them) all in one class. I don’t know if this was done deliberately but I thought it was genius…safety in numbers! I hope your daughter loves her hair as she gets older and embraces the gingerness – I wouldn’t have our boys any other way! #fortheloveofblog

    • admin

      Thank you for this is so nice to hear to it’s not such a stigma anymore and good for them for laughing it off !! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • kerry

    Great post! I love ginger hair!! My brother was carrot colour orange, this was 50 years ago but he was bullied so bad at school, they’d spit in his hair and beat him up! awful. I’m so glad that now its quite “fashionable” and they don’t get the same reception that they used to get years ago.


  • Peachy and her Mommy

    I have always loved red hair. From childhood into my teens I always wished that I was born with red hair instead of plain and ordinary brown. Why do we always want what we don’t have?

    I’m sure that times have changed and that society is becoming more inclusive and accepting. Unfortunately, kids can be cruel and the will find some reason to pick on others to make themselves feel good. Everyone gets teased for something at some point. It’s unavoidable. We can only hope that for every cruel child, that our little ones encounter, there will be two kind ones. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Laura Delaney

    Aw I love this post Jessica! I too have a little redhead – my son Alfie. I do worry that he will receive silly comments at school about it as he gets older, but thankfully he does embrace his hair and doesn’t care what other people think! Xx

  • Sam - StressyMama

    Awww she is such a cutie. I would encourage her to embrace her beautiful red hair. People who name call and make fun of other people are simply jealous and obviously insecure about themselves and most definitely not worth worrying over. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • One Clueless Mumma

    Oh she is gorgeous! I always remember being so envious of my friend at school who was a red head. I used to go home from school and tell my mum that I wanted beautiful gold hair like my friend! I find the whole ginger hair insult thing really pathetic but it’s a changing world and you’re gorgeous little lady should embrace her golden hair….#fortheloveofBLOG

  • Nursery Whines

    The world can be a cruel place, and being different can be hard. But like you say, attitudes have changed a lot and I hopefully other people won’t define your daughter by her hair colour. But the most important thing is that she accepts herself, and I am sure with your guidance she will do that easily. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Manny - The Greenwich Mummy

    OMG She is such a cutie! I think living in such a diverse country the name-calling will never stop. It can be hard for a lot children to understand different cultures, traditions and even something as simple as hair colour. We need to teach our children that different is beautiful and give them the confidence to believe it too.

    I’m Vietnamese with jet black hair and always dyed my hair copper and I loved it. I got called ginger, some even said why am I trying to be white (apparently Asian people shouldn’t dye their hair light) and at first it bothered me but then I didn’t care. I loved my hair colour and embraced it. In the end, some even saying they wished they could pull off a light colour like me… so the lesson is, redheads rule! 🙂 #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Wendy

    Aww she is gorgeous as is lovely red hair. My husband has ginger hair, my 3 year old has blondie red hair and I’m pretty confident my 3 month old baby has a tint of ginger too and I love it. I never understand why anyone would bully someone because of their hair colour, it’s so ridiculous. I would love red hair xx #fortheloveofblog

  • Mrs Mummy Harris

    I used to have really bright ginger hair but as ive grown older it has gotten darker. I was also worried about having a ginger child – especially a boy as sometimes when ginger boys dye their hair it looks so bad!!
    Ben has the most beautiful ginger hair and it totally suits him! He has such pale skin with the bluest eyes and I know he will rock the look no matter what comments he gets as he gets older!
    I do agree that lately there are more ginger men in the limelight and they’re rocking the ginger-ness so i have no worries anymore!
    Your little lady is gorgeous by the way! #fortheloveofBLOG

    • admin

      Aww thank you so much . I’m sure both our children will rock the ginger and show everyone that it doesn’t matter what colour hair you have ! X.

  • Sunita - Lucky Things blog

    People can be so mean. I know what it’s like to be picked on for how you look when you’re younger. It’s sometimes when we’re more grown up that we realise people maybe just envied out uniqueness! 😉 A really honest post and yes no one can question the cuteness of your little one (ever!!!) #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Emma Towler

    Aww she’s gorgeous!! It is such a beautiful colour of hair! I know what you mean though, it’s that panic of what if… People can be cruel and mean in this world. She’s going to rock her hair though and I’m sure that cheeky little smile won’t let anyone put her down! x #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Louise - Mummy Miller

    What beautiful hair she has! As a ginger myself I understand entirely where your worries were coming from. A lot of my childhood I was teased by other children for having red hair. When I was little it was basically orange so it stood out against all of the other children. I learnt to stop listening and embrace the colour. I dyed it once and quite frankly it was pointless, my hair didn’t really take to the dye and it just made it a very slightly darker tone of what it already was! When I had Oliver I was also worried he would be a redhead, as my husbands dad has also got a hint of red in him. When his hair came through in a strawberry blonde I was quite relieved for him as I feel that ginger is harder for a boy to pull off than a girl! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Geraldine

    My husband has red hair and I hope our daughter (due may) will have red hair. It’s so beautiful. Our first girl has brown hair like me so I’m hoping genetics gives her red hair like her dad 🙂

  • Jo - Mother of Teenagers

    I loved this post – my daughter is ginger and she is so proud of it! She is constantly telling us that ginger people are unique and how special it is. Wherever she goes people comment on the colour of her hair and tell her how lucky she is and her most overused catchphrase is “ginger and proud”. #fortheloveofBLOG

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