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What Daisy did creating both jobs and beautiful bags

I have recently been introduced to the brand what Daisy did .Straight away I loved the ethos of their business. They take ex military of defence materials and create amazing bags that will be appealing to many people. They are not like every other company making bags. As they are employing homeless people to help them on their venture. What daisy did have teamed up with the Hope Centre ‘ to give something back’ . With a percentage of money from their new range the wayfarer going back to the charity.

With 90% of the materials used in this bag being recycled from ex military of defence materials they are really making sure that nothing goes to waste. Also they will be made in the uk from 99% locally sourced materials.Meaning the carbon footprint is kept minimal.

They believe in their bags so much that the Wayfarer collection will have a 3 year warranty. Although they do state that there bags are made to last for ever. Not only will there be bags in their new range but there will also be iPad cases.



Their aim is to raise £12,000 so that they can bulk order materials. This will then guarantee the security of the project for 6 months. There ultimate aim is to help employ more people through the hope canter. Also they want to inspire others to bring industry back to the Uk.

How can you help ?

If you would like to pledge to what Daisy did Kickstarter then follow the link or pop over to their Facebook page for updates on their venture.



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