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Dam you Illness I’m covered in Poo, snot and sick 

This bank holiday weekend hasn’t been the one I hoped it would be . I have visions of having some lovely family time going to the park . Just generally having a nice time.

Instead I am covered in Poo,Snot and sick . I don’t even know what day it is I’m in a daze of illness . A couple of days ago Ava started with her horrid cough and snotty nose . Which she does every now and again so I didn’t really think anything of it and then came the sick . This is the second time Ava has ever been sick . The first time was at nursery and lucky I didn’t have to clean it up and it was just the once.

Not this time it hasn’t stopped. I even had her lying on my chest yesterday being sick all down me . If she didn’t know how much I love her she definitely does now. She just didn’t know if to cry be sick or have a cuddle . So we did it all at once which was a new experience.

Yesterday Ava slept on and off all day . She wasn’t her normal happy self she just wanted to cuddle all day . Plus she wouldn’t eat anything . It may have been the fear that it will all just come back out . We have all been there soo hungry but do you risk it . As Ava isn’t eating I know she is poorly as food is her life.

Sick child
Last night was a shit night which I was half expecting after she slept most the day . Then at 5 this morning she let out the loudest wettest fart and instantly I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Now I have heard of projectile vomiting but not pooping. She literally filled 4 nappies in the matter of moments . The worst thing about It all is that I only had about 6 nappies in the whole house. This would be the only time I haven’t brought in bulk.

So after the poo had eventually stopped I had to go in search of nappies at 6 in the morning . We have a 24 hour Asda by us so I headed straight there to find it was closed FFS. I eventually found a shop that was open and ended up playing £4 for 12 shit nappies but needs must.

Looking after a sick child
Since then she has slept most the day with only one more poo explosion. We’re off to the doctors later . Which I know he won’t do anything but at least I have peace of mind that I have done something.

Looking after a sick child
What things do you give your little ones to eat when they are poorly ? Or do you just stick to fluids ? 


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